Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Winning the Lottery

Well my loving husband and I have decided that the only way we will become super rich is if we win the lottery. Now for us that will take some serious effort since we really don't play the lottery very often. So the other night we are at the gas station filling up and I send my husband in for a lottery ticket ( in hopes of an early retirement). Well he comes back to the van and gives me the ticket and after one look I can tell these just aren't the right numbers. So I send him back inside to buy a new ticket but this time not a quick pick. Well after much work on both his and the clerks part we finally got two new tickets purchased and this time they felt a whole lot luckier than the first bunch. So naturally the next step for us is to completely forget about them for days when I suddenly remember "Hey, we could already be millionaires". And guess what I discovered...we are not millionaires...not even close. But one of the tickets he purchased after I sent him back in did win...all of $7. So now my husband and I can start planning our retirement, after all we did win the lottery!