Friday, November 23, 2007

Photo Hunters

This weeks theme is hot. So I thought of all the different things that are hot for me. With all the cooking going on in my kitchen yesterday I had tons of hot things to choose from. But then I would have had to stop cooking to take pictures and there was no way my family was going to let me get away with that. So it was after we were stuffed and sitting in misery on the couch watching football that I finally decided on this weeks photo.

I was freezing cold but couldn't light the fireplace since the pilot light hasn't been lit for the season. So I decided to just light a bunch of candles instead. And while it did give me the flames to watch it really just wasn't as good as a big fire. But I really hated to ask my poor Hubs to get up and light it since we were so full. And honestly all any of us really wanted to do was to suck our thumbs, curl up into the fetal position and take a long nap. So for my choice for this week, I settled on a couple of the candles that were lit last night as we tried to recover from the gluttony of our Thanksgiving dinner.

So there you have it, a very long commentary and one little photo to go along with it. For other views on this week's theme visit or

On your Mark, Get Set **UPDATED**


I've given thanks, eaten way to much and enjoyed my family. So today I get to go buy new clothes to fit my bigger body and not enjoy the crowds of other people out shopping. I wouldn't be going except I saw the cutest shoes in the ads yesterday. I was overtaken by the urge to have them. They have taken over my every thought and I have even dreamed of them in my pumpkin pie induced craze. So if you see a crazy lady in the shoe department with a definite sugar/turkey hangover. It's not me. It's one of the other millions of ladies out in the stores today.

Since I know your truly wondering what shoes would possibly get me out into the stores today, I thought I'd post a picture. So without further ado let me present my Skechers. Aren't they lovely?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Some Thanksgiving colors to warm your front porch.

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Free Christmas Music

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Simple Plans

Since we aren't going anywhere for our Thanksgiving holiday and it will just be us at home, I get to be the cook. Not a big deal really. I've done the big meals before for just our family and they always turn out pretty good. But I decided that I wasn't going to go crazy cooking a ton of different dishes this year. Why should I when it is really just me and Hubs that eat the leftovers. So I bought a small turkey and plan on doing just a few sides. Nothing to big. But since my kids do love to eat in the dining room I am still planning on letting them use the good china and crystal ware (at least the big ones). I see no sense in saving it for when they get bigger. I don't get to use it enough as it is. And the kids feel very grown up when they get use the same plates as grown ups. I'm not saving the pumpkin pie either. Hubs and kids are welcome to cut a piece anytime they like. The sooner it's gone the better off my weight will be. So that's it for our simple plans, how about yours?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Some things never change

Hubs and I were laughing on the drive home from church yesterday. Why? Because it became obvious to me that some things just never change. Back in the day, when we were young we would get our high school yearbooks. And we would spend the next few hours pouring over all the pictures in them. Trying to find all our friends and anything else that would matter. Then we would spend the next few weeks trading the yearbooks with our friends so that they could sign them.

So why did this trip down memory yearbook lane happen. Well it's because we got our new church pictorial directory. So on the drive home I started to flip through it and look at pictures. I'd say to Hubs, "hey look here is so and so, what a cute picture" or "hey look this is the funniest expression I've ever seen a baby make" to which Hubs would just look at me with this strange expression. That was until I showed him our pictures. It's the same picture we have at home but for some reason it looks much worse in the directory next to all the "cute" pictures. He just shook his head and said great another cue ball pictures of me (he shaves his head bald by the way). Then he goes on to say that our oldest son Z. has the cheesiest grin ever to which I have to agree. He also needed a haircut really bad. Bad planning on my part when we took the picture. But we rescheduled it so many times it was a wonder we even got it done.

So we got to talking about how similar our church directory was to a yearbook. It's a really bad picture of us for everyone to see and keep for as long as they have the directory. So anytime anyone needs to put a face with our name they are bound to go "oh my" when they find us. I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels that way but in our case it truly is true. The only difference between the two is that this time I'm not going to get my friends to sign it for me and tell me to "Stay Cool and Never Change" because let's face it, after looking at that picture that is exactly what they are going to be wishing I would do...change, seek help, something please.

So yep, some things do never change. Bad pictures in driver's license, yearbooks and church directories are pretty much a guarantee in our household.