Friday, November 5, 2010

A Knight to celebrate Birthdays

We celebrated lots of birthdays from the end of Sept. to the end of Oct. So I thought it would be fun to take everyone out for dinner to Medieval Times. Grandmama and Pappy joined us of course since they were part of the birthday celebrants. (Along with Hoss and myself) I remember going to a show years ago and thought the kids would love it. But for some reason I was the only grown up who seemed to think it would be fun. But everyone went (to humour me I'm sure) and surprise surprise, everyone had fun and enjoyed it. So we donned our paper crowns and cheered on our knight. The kids loved getting to eat their dinner with their hands and really got into the show part of it all. They were super excited when "our" knight even won the tournament that night.

We went on a tour of the torture museum and I found something that I think every wife should have.

He was a good sport about it but still hasn't built me my very own one to have yet. The kids are already asking when we can go again so I'm taking that as a sign of them enjoying it. After all who can resist a paper crown, eating without silverware and sword fights.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Somethings missing from this smile

It has finally happened. After what has seemed like forever to her, my K. has finally lost her first tooth. I'm not surprised it took her 6 1/2 years to lose this tooth she didn't get it when she was a baby until she was almost a year old. But after promising her that if she ate the apple her tooth would come out, she tried it. And it did. At school of course because that's where you get the cool little tooth treasure boxes to keep it in for the tooth fairy. So now we just have to wait for that other bottom tooth to fall out and then she will have a nice big "picture window" on her bottom row of teeth

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

I have to at least put up a picture of my kiddos in all their glory. Since I've been so busy with all the busy scheduling of 3 kids and 4 teams. Z. decided to forgo the dressing up this year and instead stay home, pass out candy and watch the Rangers and Giants play in the World Series. So that left me with the three younger ones. We had Hoss being a zombie of sorts (not sure exactly but it was the grossest thing he could find). K. decided that she had to be a lady bug. I was hesitant at first because with that kind of costume you are guaranteed to have a chilly night so be forced to wear of jacket and cover it up. But it stayed warm so she got to wear it just as it was meant. Then we had A., who at 4, enjoyed it more than anyone. She was a mermaid of course. It's what she's been planning on since August so I was glad for her.

Since we didn't have Z. with us, I was able to keep our trick or treating to about an hour and we didn't have to go to the Nightingale house of carnage. So with A. leading the way we hit as many houses as we could. Grandmama came with us and laughed at Hoss and K. remembering dad's strategy from the year before. Zig zag back and forth across the streets so you don't have to back track this way you hit the maximum number of houses in the shortest times. Funny what things kids remember but I'm not really surprised, anything to get more candy. A. soon picked it up and was going full force. We came home with three very heavy bags of candy which were immediately Dad and Pappy taxed which meant that all the Butterfingers and some Hershey bars were soon confiscated. Funny but I don't remember them out walking the neighborhood. I'm thinking that was a definite case of taxation without representation going on there. But since the kids were to busy bouncing off the wall on a sugar high, they didn't notice and everything was fine.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Does this make me a Shredhead?

I bought the 30 Day Shred months ago and never got around to doing it. Finally I decided to get off my arse and get with the program. I really didn't have any grand visions of losing the 20 pounds she claimed we could lose up to (although I would of course be very excited about that if it happened). Instead I was hoping to get a bit more energy and get a bit more motivated to start regular exercise again. So when a friend on Facebook mentioned she was starting it, I jumped into it with her.

I have to say, waking up at 5 am is not my favorite thing. Actually, it's got to be one of my least favourite things. But since it was the only time I could guarantee to have the time every single day I did it. And I can't believe I'm going to say it, but I got used to it and it's not that bad after all. I started it at the beginning of Oct and did it every single day (except for one) even on weekends. And that's not fun. But today marked my day 30 of the Shred. So I thought I would share a bit of my Shred results here with you. In case you care, and if you don't that's okay too. I had heard that I should really take measurements in order to see the results even if you don't lose weight and I'm glad I did. Otherwise I would be a bit discouraged I'm sure. Sorry no pictures here, I'm not that bold just yet.

So here are my 30 Day Shred results:

Weight: nothing spectacular, I wavered between gaining and losing the same 3 pounds all month long.

Hips: Lost 2.75 inches
Thighs: Lost .75 inch
Arms: Lost .75 inch
Belly: Lost 3.25 inches
Bust: Lost 2.5 inches
Waist: Lost 1.5 inches

So that means that I lost a grand total of 11 1/2 inches lost. I'll take it. I'm definitely stronger than I was when I started. I can do push ups now where I couldn't before and I do have more energy. I even had muscles in my arms now (I showed them to Hubs just the same way my A. shows him her muscles and he saw them) So I will continue on doing it for a bit more and add in some other videos as well. I am thinking it's about time I finally get around to using that couch potato to 5k program I downloaded a few months back. Better late than never, right?