Friday, January 9, 2009

A bit of this and that

In case your wondering, and I'm sure you not. Things are still hectic around here. Here's a bit of what's been going on around here.

-School started back so kids are up and going early. Mom, not always the case.

-I've been to some more training classes that I probably didn't really need but had to have anyway.

-Dropped off K. at school and headed to the dealership to have my A/C fixed. (Yes I know it's January but this is Texas and we still are seeing the occasional 80 degrees) So get to dealership and wait while they figure out what's wrong. Get the call from preschool saying daughter is having severe allergic reaction to something can I come get her and can they give her benadryl. Yes give her medicine and I'll be there as soon as my car is off the big rack they have it on. Then go tell them to get it off the rack and I'll be back later for them to fix it. Get to preschool and K. is all better and doesn't want to leave. Still don't know what caused reaction. Now I'm waiting for my part to come in so I can take the van back to be fixed.

-Went and played Bunco with some friends. Lots of fun.

-Hubs and I have talked about getting a treadmill. Discovered Hubs boss just bought an $1800 one last year that has only been used around 6 times. It's now being offered to us to try out. At no cost. If we decide we still want it in 6 months then we can talk about price then. So Hubs said yes and will go get it this evening.

-Talked Hubs into painting girls bathroom last week, now just need to get the rest of the house done. It's just hard to decide on the color I want since there are so many of them to choose from.

-Really need to get the kids used to not interrupting me on the phone when I'm talking. They are having a hard time with it, but since I am now on the phone alot with work stuff, it's vital they learn. The big ones have it, but the girls are still struggling.

So there you have it, aren't you glad you read this far. We are just so exciting in our house. So until I bore you again, that's it for bits of this and that.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Last Day of Vacation

Since today is the last day of vacation for the kids I thought we would do something fun. But instead it started to rain and get cold which pretty much put a stop to any outdoor fun I had in mind. So I did what any good mom would do, I started the laundry that's been piled up since last summer I guess. Now I have half the laundry done and four wound up full of energy kids running crazy through the house. But, I can't say that it's really been all that bad. Well except for the whole laundry thing.

The rest the week should be busy as we get back into our normal routine and all the running around it takes. So it's really a good thing to get caught up on laundry instead, although I'd ditch it in a second if something better came along. Just being honest ya'll. See I told you all that I have one of the most boring life's of all. And yes, I'm still happy with it.