Friday, September 21, 2007

Photo Hunters

This weeks theme is paper. After a week of looking for paper all around me, I am surprised by how it's everywhere. From the piles of school work to the phone book.

But to my children nothing reminds them more of their Pappy then reading the newspaper. This is because when he goes to get the paper he always stops and buys donuts for them. This past weekend poor Pappy had to put the paper away to read for another time since he had way to much help "reading the paper" and drinking coffee.

The kids always get excited when they see the next type of paper come out to be used. The paper baking cups always mean there is something good on the way and they can hardly wait for them to come out of the oven. These cinnamon muffins were a huge hit and didn't last long.

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And the Battle Rages on...and other random things

We are still fighting the battle of germs in our home right now. With half of us on medicine hopefully we will soon be healthy again. But Hoss is home from school again today so no telling how long it will last.

Last night at football practice the 4-5 year old flag football coach finally crossed the line. He is a habitual jerk toward other parents and even the kids on other teams that are practicing close to him. But last night he kept on throwing football passes that no 4 year old could catch and in process hit several different parents, this was because it was to much for him to ask them to please move. One mom who isn't exactly the forgiving type said hit me again and I'll call the police. Which she did the next time he threw a football at her. Truly what a waste. The police came out and eventually everyone moved around so no one would be hit by footballs anymore. Just makes me wonder why we have such fine examples of good sportsmanship teaching our youngest players. Yes, I'm very frustrated by such immature actions on everyone's part.

My poor children don't know why mom has turned so mean on them lately. I have finally stopped buying so much of the "junk" that they love to eat. You would think that I am torturing them or something. The thought of eating anything not processed is freaking them out. On my part, I think I have finally watched one to many programs on what all these processed foods is doing to us. Whether this will last, I can't tell you. But, it has been alot of fun trying to explain to them why the new peanut butter has all this oil floating on top of it. It's all fine and good until I try to drink a diet coke only to have them run up to me saying no mommy that's poison. Some "poisons" are harder for mom to give up I guess.

So that's it for my randomness of this post and thanks for staying awake this long if you have. Hope you have a happy weekend.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our first taste of Fall

We are experiencing one of our first tastes of fall in our household. Only this isn't in regards to the weather. We have our first fall illness. After only a brief week and a half in school, Hoss has come down with Strep Throat. I am valiantly fighting the battle of it spreading to the other members of the family. So far it appears that I may be winning the battle. But since we are a family of six, I would not be surprised for at least one other person to come down with it. At least now Hoss is no longer contagious and is feeling much better. I never used to be such a germophobic (is that really a word) but the thought of having everyone sick at the same time will turn me into one in an instant. As for me and my home, we all smell like Lysol. But as long as no one else gets sick than I will tolerate this medicinal smell throughout the house for as long as it takes. As for Hoss, he is milking it for as many popsicles as he can get.