Friday, July 6, 2007

Kid exchange

We have new neighbors and they have two girls that are close in age to mine. So my son Z.has been visiting them alot lately. They have cool video games and a bunch of new toys he hasn't played with before. So today after days of my son living at their house it is finally our turn to have the party here. They have been keeping all my kids entertained which is not an easy thing to do. The noise level isn't any worse since my kids are so noisy. It's just been alot of fun for me to see the way they all include each other. Even baby A. has been included in the fun. And for the new neighbor girls, it's fun playing with toys that aren't their own. They also get to practice being with little kids and babies something they are very excited to be doing. Maybe later they will tire of the novelty it offers but for now I will enjoy it while I can.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

One of those mornings

It's one of those mornings. You know the one's. The kids were up way to late watching fireworks (and so was mom). The kids woke up way to early (which meant so did mom). Everybody is cranky and in a bad mood (including mom). So much so that when dad finally did wake up two hours later than everyone else (he is on vacation after all) that he just packed up all the kids and left me in my glorious solitude that I am in right now. So what should I do...I'm thinking I'll just do nothing and enjoy the quiet while it last and drink another cup of hot coffee.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Joining the modern era

We have officially joined the modern era today. We conceded that it was time to buy a laptop. After all the time limits we have to put on the kids games and the surfing that me and my husband like to do, one computer was not enough. After lots of research (not) and looking at lots of sale ads we found the one my husband thought would do us just fine. Wish I could tell you all about it, but as of yet I haven't seen it except for at the store. Sooner or later I will get a turn checking it out. But for now I am still on our old computer and not minding a bit. I am looking forward to being able to take the laptop into other rooms when I need to. So cheers to us for joining the laptop age.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Storm Chaser Wannabe

I always thought the storm chasers that intentionally went into a tornado were absolutely crazy. Now I know for a fact that yes they are. The reason I know this for a fact is because my family and I inadvertently became a storm chaser of sorts. Something I promise to never do again.

We went to my nieces wedding in Missouri this past weekend. As the time of the wedding approached we decided to just follow the rest of the family to the wedding chapel since we had no clue where it was and didn't have directions to get to it. I am standing there putting K. in her car seat when I hear the Weather Service announce on the radio that there is a tornado warning for Webster Co. and if you are in Marshfield to seek shelter immediately. I tell my husband I think that's where we are going, so he goes off to tell the others about it. The response was yes that's where we are going but by the time we get there it should be past us. So my husband packs us up and off we go.

Everything is fine even though we struggled to keep up with the speeding driver that my BIL is. (He was raised on the curvy two lane highways and thinks nothing of driving on them at 90 mph) Then as expected, it starts to rain and it just gets worse. About the time we can no longer see them in front of us, due to the rain, we decide to go back home and just drive back later on. Only we can't since we can't see where to turn around and we are completely lost on these back country highways. So we inch along and I start praying the only thing I can remember which was Hail Mary's over and over. Finally we see our BIL stopped up ahead waiting for us, but since our cell phone had no signal, we couldn't call him to beg him to stop and seek shelter. Instead BIL keeps on driving through this mess but at least he slowed down.

Obviously we did make it to the wedding chapel but we were one of only about twenty other people that did. The rest of the people attending actually had half a brain and didn't get out in it. So it was a very small, small wedding with lots of cake for everyone.

About mid way through the reception we heard that a tornado did touch down somewhere near my in laws house so we were curious to see if any damage had happened out there. From what we could tell it landed in primarily farm land. So, no one was injured, including us, the morons who drove out into the country during the tornado warning with out a map or any clue of getting home. I guess the old saying is true, God looks out for fools and children. He protected my children and the fools in this instance were my husband and myself.

So just in case your wondering if I really do want to be a storm chaser the answer is without a doubt..NO! I will let all those other people who enjoy doing keep their jobs and instead just appreciate them all the more.