Saturday, December 29, 2007

Glad to Humor Him

I have to admit to being to the doctors office five separate times this past week. Four of them were to the kids doctor. So this morning on my latest visit my kind pediatrician, who has a personality like my brothers, walks in sees me and just laughs. As I am pleading my case that I am really not one of those freak moms who likes to be in the doctors office just because, he reassures me that it's fine. Its just been funny for him to see me come in four separate times with a different kid in tow each time all in one week. So I'm glad that I am able to humor him. That is my job after all, to provide other people a brief bit of laughter at my expense. Especially when I can really see the humor in it also. I guess I can just be thankful that we only have four children otherwise we would be back there again soon.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Man of the Year

It has been quite the week around here. We had family in for Christmas so were all set to enjoy ourselves. But then it happened, the dreaded virus struck. First one and then another started to feel bad. By the time Christmas morning rolled around, only half of us were even healthy. But even those numbers couldn't last. From what I can tell only my Hubs has stayed healthy. Which is quite unusual in itself since he always catches what the kids have. My family went home and took with them a very unwelcome present. And this Christmas goes down in history as the germiest one ever. And my sweet Hubs is definitely up for man of the year. He's taken such good care of all of us and the house at the same time. After a week of feeling terrible I am finally coming out of the worst of it so can now only fully appreciate all he has had to put up with. He has even kept up with the laundry which is hard enough to do when your not dealing with a bunch of sick people. As well as taking down all the Christmas decorations so I wouldn't have to do it. Yep, he's definitely up for Man of the Year. Where is that write in ballot?