Friday, January 4, 2008

My Commando Girl

I have a daughter who surprised me the other morning. I won't name names but it's the only daughter I have who still wears diapers. At least she was wearing one when I put her to bed the other night. When I heard her stirring in the morning I went in to get her and my sweet girl had gone commando on me. She had pulled down her pj pants and somehow removed her diaper. Then she slept that way all night long. And it was cold that night, my poor baby must have froze her bottom off. When I went in to get my commando girl there was a big wet spot in the middle of her crib sheet. At this point I was just glad it was only wet and nothing more. She was so proud of herself, I could see it in her eyes. So I scooped her up and redressed her in all the appropriate attire, then I changed her sheet. I hope I never wake up to that kind of surprise again. I mean I am all for losing the diaper but not really in that way.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My new BFF

I'm never far from my new BFF. My drops help me get through the days and night with hardly a cringe, cough or tear in sight. Honey Lemom your my new best friend, until back to the medicine cabinet I put you again.

To Paint or not To Paint

that is the question. Right now Hubs and I are trying to decide if we want to paint. When we bought our home six years ago we painted it completely on the inside. I just picked a neutral beige color and away we went with the paintbrush. Now we are thinking it's time to paint again. The decision is now do we change the color? I have always loved this color we currently have but Hubs hasn't really cared to much for it. He likes a lighter color (read into that white) while I prefer it darker. So now have to pick a color we can both agree on. And you would think it would be easy but it's not. Then I get to thinking, what about adding some new color. It would be easy enough to do but then if I don't like it then poor Hubs has to paint again and I'm sure he won't like that. As you can tell I am no Martha Stewart. So I guess I am going to be spending alot of time in the paint section getting lots of those paper things with paint colors on them.

Wish me luck as I try and make up my mind. Just think, none of this would have even been an issue if we hadn't gotten a new TV and opened up an entire wall in the family room. It just suddenly looked like it needed some new paint. Funny how one simple change can cause so much additional work. But at least I can blame that part on Hubs. I was after all completely happy with the previous setup until he went and changed it. Now it's going to cost him some serious elbow grease.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my friends and fellow bloggers. The past year has been a very fun one for me and my family. And as I look back at some of what I wrote about during the past year I realize something. We are BORING! Our family never did anything really big that could count as a milestone. Nope not us, we stayed home and didn't vacation anywhere. But even in all of our Boringness we still enjoyed ourselves. We revelled in all the small ordinary things like snotty noses and Popsicles. And even though I'm sure it's boring for millions of people for our family it was just right. And hopefully for you few readers that come around our boringness didn't do you in to much. I can't promise not to be equally as Boring in the future but I hope to improve on it a tad bit. So Cheers to you my friends and raise your juice boxes to a Happy Healthy and Fun New Year!