Friday, February 4, 2011

Tis that time of year...for ice storms and snow

We got hit by an ice storm this week. With below freezing temperatures nothing was melting. Nothing like 3 inches of ice to shut down the metroplex. School has been cancelled for the last four days. Unheard of in Texas. Then last night we got an additional 6 inches of snow. Finally, something the kids could play in. So after 4 days of cabin fever and no school they were finally able to go out and play.

They got to go slide down the driveway and cul de sac for a while. This helped Hubs in clearing most of the snow off so he could scrape the ice off afterwards.

Then of course they just had fun being able to play outside.

Even Gigi went out to play a bit.

I went out to take a few pictures but decided to come back in with A. after I slipped and slided my way around the driveway. Then afterwards, A. came inside and put on her summer clothes to hurry the arrival of summer weather.

Here's a bit of what our neighborhood looked like this morning.

We have to take winter weather when we can get it. But I am definitely done with all the cold weather and ready for spring.