Friday, July 20, 2007

Long week for the family

I've had a very long week. I won't go into alot of details but my dad was put into the hospital on Monday. Originally we thought he would be there about a week and a half while they stabilized his heart rate and then would probably be putting in stints. It hasn't been that easy though. He is still unstable and now on a breathing tube. I will be gone alot the next few weeks since we have now been told that he won't be leaving the hospital for at least three to four weeks. So if you will just keep my dad in your prayers and the rest of family I would really appreciate it.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Missing Socks

Why is it that I know I put two socks that match into the dryer but never have pair when it comes time to fold. It's a problem that is shared by millions of people worldwide. So why do I continue to hang onto these mateless socks for eternity in hopes that one day they will be reunited. All I end up with is one more pile of things that I eventually have to sort through and then toss.

It's not only socks that I am expected to find. For whatever reason my family thinks that I am the only person in the house that can find things. Granted this is due to the fact that I am anal and usually can find the missing item as long as I have seen it. I have my own little mental imaging game I do in my head until I can picture where I have seen the lost item.

But this weekend really was to much for me. I was expected to know what happened to two of my sons best Pokemon cards. Not only was I expected to know what happened to them but I had to know after he had a sleepover during which they had taken out the missing cards to play with. This really was to much for me and I really should have had more patience with my son since they are important to him. Add this to the fact that the same son had already gotten mad that I forget his goggles at his friends house where he was swimming and I didn't know where he had left his flip flops (over at another friends house). I decided that from now on he just has to learn how to keep up with his own things.

Will this keep the rest of the family coming to me to find their missing items. I sincerely doubt it. But I truly feel that he is old enough to keep up with his own things without blaming me if he can't find them. And who knows maybe it will give me just a few more minutes to search for those missing socks.