Friday, February 22, 2008

Cost Breakdown and reality check

I've mentioned how our family has been fighting one thing or another this past winter ever since Christmas. So I thought I'd break it down a bit. I'd just like to add that I'm very thankful that we do have insurance which generally covers most of the basic things and then some. But still we do have our share to pay. Over the last two months we have had about thirteen or fourteen office visits which is right around $280 in co pays. Add in the cost of various prescriptions both preventative and antibiotics and you can add in at least another $250 plus. Now for some of you that $530 total over the last two months may not seem like much but for us it is.

But it has really hit home for poor Z. since it now means he will have to wait just a bit longer for that flat screen he wants so badly for his room. I don't know how he got the idea in his head that he needed one. After telling him how much we have spent on keeping this family somewhat healthy this winter he sadly admitted defeat at getting one anytime soon. He is still pretty hopeful that this spring will prove to be a better season for him. Oh, to have such optimism.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lost in the Boxes

Well we are offically in our new home. I can proudly say that we are all sleeping in our own beds again. Our pantry is now restocked and the kitchen is pretty much organized. The office is half way done along with the master closet. That's all the great news.

Now here's the reality of the rest of it. I have no idea for the second week now where K.'s dance shoes are. She keeps going to her tap and ballet class barefoot and doesn't think it's fun anymore. I think the kids have some quiet activities to keep them occupied while I try to unpack, but I don't know what box they are in. I think they are in the same box with the baby wipes and diapers. I have yet to find a heavy jacket for the kids so I can only hope the weather stays mild. I have only found half of the medicine cabinet but I'm not to worried about that, Baby A. should find it for me when I'm not looking (she's helpful like that). We are surrounded by boxes everywhere.

I must admit to being a bit discouraged at how much we have done and yet still seeing so many boxes left. But between all the sick kids we have been dealing with during this move, I have made progress. But I am sure that I will soon be able to see the floors again and maybe one day be able to park in the garage, once we get rid of all these boxes.