Thursday, January 7, 2010

Change of Plans

It is bitterly cold here in Tx. today along with the rest of the country. But for me, I haven't been this cold since I lived in Finland. I'm thinking of breaking out the wool hose I still have just to stay warm.

I was woken up very early from my warm bed by the phone ringing. It was the school letting us know that it was closed due to icy conditions. Our district always closes before most others. The school buses just can't navigate some of those back country roads. So my three big kids would be home with me today. My youngest A. was having a sleepover at Grandmama's house so she was not going to be here. Originally I had planned on going out and doing some shopping that is done much easier without children in tow.

So now I have a change of plans. Instead of it just being me while I go out shopping it will be me and the kids home from school together one more time. And I have to admit that I'm not upset by it one bit. I can be annoyed by their loudness one more day, I can step over their messes another day. As I type, Hoss and K. are spinning in circles around the den trying to see how long they can go before they fall. I get dizzy just watching them. It's fun and annoying all at the same time. And it's something only my kids can do to me on a regular basis. So I will try and focus on the laughter of today. Knowing that tommorow it's back to school and that I won't be able to enjoy the spontaniety of their actions as often as I have been able to.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No pictures again...just ramblings

Another day, another post without pictures. I wanted to post some today but our desktop is where all my photo software is at, and our picture drivey thing is out. (Or so I'm told) so that means no pictures of what my kids did over Christmas break. I may try again to post these pictures when we get it fixed this weekend. Hopefully I won't forget. But don't hold your breath.

So instead of pictures you get ramblings from my mind. I went to Sams today. We needed to stock up on everything it seems. While I was there, freezing cold. I was thinking of La Madeline's tomato soup. I love that stuff. I happened to check the soup aisle and guess what, they had it! So I bought it, intending to have some for my lunch. Then I went on down to drop a small fortune in the meat department.

I'm getting hungry by now, never a good thing while shopping. So I happened to noitice the 100 calories snacks they have boxed up there. So then I start to wonder, if a person ate the entire box of 12 snack packs in one day and nothing else, does it still count as a 1200 calorie diet. I mean there is absolutely nothing worth anything in those things nutruionally speaking of course. But still I wondered. And no, I didn't buy them.

Instead I happened by the free sample lady who was standing next to the clam chowder. It's there I lost all will power and put that clam chowder in my basket. I love clam chowder but never make it. So instead of my tomato soup for lunch, I went for the bad stuff. But I'm not going to worry about it, since it will probably be another year before I get some again.

So there you have it, no pictures! All you get from me today is pointless ramblings about what goes through my mind. Hope you can handle it...

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Things

It's a new year now. And hopefully our family will be as blessed by the coming year as they were the past year. The kids are a bit older, things are getting a bit easier at times and harder at times. We are constantly busy and on the go. I don't see that changing in the near future. I'm excited about the new year and what it will bring for us as a family.

For those that know us in real life, you know Hubs job has not been the most stable of things ever since the Telecom bust a few years ago. That continues to be the case now, only much more shaky. So shaky in fact, that I am going to be starting a new job next week. Something that will give us a reliable paycheck and benefits in the event that something does happen to his job. I am so torn about this. It's something that needs to be done for our family and I don't begrudge that one bit. I will miss the life of a SAHM I've had for the last five years. I am luckier than most in that I have been able to do this while my children were little. And while I know this in my head, it's taking my heart a bit to catch up is all.

I'm going back to the financial auditing world from which I left a few years back. I'm fortunate that this time my commute will only be to the town south of the lake so I will not have much more than a half hour commute. If things work out the way we are hoping, then Hubs will keep his job and my salary will go to savings and paying off that pesky thing called a mortgage. We will hopefully be able to evaluate things better once we know more about his job situation.

So things around our house are going to be changing a bit. But with time we should hopefully all adjust and be back in a new routine before long. So here's to a new year and new things and to many more blessings to come.