Saturday, December 29, 2007

Glad to Humor Him

I have to admit to being to the doctors office five separate times this past week. Four of them were to the kids doctor. So this morning on my latest visit my kind pediatrician, who has a personality like my brothers, walks in sees me and just laughs. As I am pleading my case that I am really not one of those freak moms who likes to be in the doctors office just because, he reassures me that it's fine. Its just been funny for him to see me come in four separate times with a different kid in tow each time all in one week. So I'm glad that I am able to humor him. That is my job after all, to provide other people a brief bit of laughter at my expense. Especially when I can really see the humor in it also. I guess I can just be thankful that we only have four children otherwise we would be back there again soon.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Man of the Year

It has been quite the week around here. We had family in for Christmas so were all set to enjoy ourselves. But then it happened, the dreaded virus struck. First one and then another started to feel bad. By the time Christmas morning rolled around, only half of us were even healthy. But even those numbers couldn't last. From what I can tell only my Hubs has stayed healthy. Which is quite unusual in itself since he always catches what the kids have. My family went home and took with them a very unwelcome present. And this Christmas goes down in history as the germiest one ever. And my sweet Hubs is definitely up for man of the year. He's taken such good care of all of us and the house at the same time. After a week of feeling terrible I am finally coming out of the worst of it so can now only fully appreciate all he has had to put up with. He has even kept up with the laundry which is hard enough to do when your not dealing with a bunch of sick people. As well as taking down all the Christmas decorations so I wouldn't have to do it. Yep, he's definitely up for Man of the Year. Where is that write in ballot?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Photo Hunters

This weeks theme is light. So I thought of this great ice sculpture of a horse with a wreath around it's neck. You can see how the light is coming through the ice sculpture. Really breathtaking I think.

We saw this and many more ice sculptures at "Ice" over at the Gaylord Resort this past week. It truly was amazing all the different ice sculptures. They have this amazing Nativity scene in ice. I just wish those pictures would have done it justice. The kids had the most fun on the giant ice slide that they went down just before the exit. So if any of you are in the Dallas area, go check it out. It's a lot of fun.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

His first game.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Are you a Peeker?

It's that time of year when our houses are brimming with presents for our families and ourselves. Which brings me to my question, Do you peek into your presents? Now I must tell you right off the bat that I am a reformed peeker. I come from a very distinguished family of peekers (all extended though...see how I distance myself from them now).

Growing up I could find the presents that my parents hid within days of it being brought into the house. I would pillage through the closet, crawl through the attic and even unlock the camping trailer all to get to the unknown presents calling my name. Naturally my mom soon became aware of my little problem and decided that she would start to wrap the presents. Little did she know that it only slowed me down that first year.

I became so good at unwrapping and rewrapping presents that no one ever really believed that I had peeked. They would tape entire edges of the wrapping paper and then look for evidence of my peeking. They never could see it though. Yet whenever they quizzed me about what was in the present, I could always tell them. Right down to the size and color.

I had such a problem peeking that when I finally did finish peeking at all my presents I was sad that I couldn't peek anymore. So I did what any little sister would do. I started peeking in my brothers presents and then rewrapping them. And again my family didn't really believe me when I claimed to know what was in his presents as well. But one Christmas morning as I handed out presents to everyone I proved it once and for all. I was able to tell them not just what was in my presents but what was in everyone's presents under the tree. Yes as you can most definitely tell, I had a serious peeking problem. So I decided to peek no more.

And I didn't for a very long time. But when Hubs and I were dating I told him about my peeking problem. And of course he didn't believe me. So naturally he had to test me. Once again I had to brush off my old rusty peeking skills (which really weren't that rusty)and I proved to him how great I was at peeking. He had double wrapped my present thinking he was sneaky but even he was impressed that I had peeked and re double wrapped the present without a trace.

So here I am today, years after my last peeking challenge by Hubs and I can completely and honestly say that I am not a peeker. I guess I have gotten old and the challenges just weren't enough for me. Now I actually look forward to being surprised Christmas morning because that really happens all to seldom. But I guess that since technically I still wrap most of the presents I do know the majority of the gifts under the tree.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Tour

It's definitely looking like Christmas around the blogosphere. And BooMama is hosting a Christmas Tour of Homes. And since I love to visit other people's home I decided that I better show off my small bit of Christmas decorating that we have.

So let me begin at the front door where you will be greeted by Santa. If it's after dark then he has sparkling lights to show you in. But then again if the batteries are dead (which is often the case) you won't even notice the lights on the wreath. But you will see the pretty white lights on the house that Hubs puts up for me every year.

On my dining room table is my Holy Family. It means the world to me since it was my grandmothers. It was given to me after she passed away. I always love taking it out each year and hate to put it away. I never thought I'd love paper mache so much.

On our kitchen table is our Advent wreath. It's a very special one this year made from a paper plate and green garland and four small white votive candles. My three year old made it at church for us and she is so proud when we light it every night. So this is the one we are using. After all, it's not every year you get a new Advent wreath.

Next you will come into our family room. We have a small tree (it's small since technically I can put the star on top without a stool) covered in way to many decorations. But with four children all wanting to put them on the tree, every branch is prime real estate. We have all our stockings hanging from the mantel. And yes, I am a bit of a Type A personality in that they must all match. But they have the cutest snowmen on them. And although you can't see it in the picture my Christmas tree skirt also has cute snowman faces all around it.

On my mantle I have my Advent calender tree for the children to open each night. But since my children don't know what patience is, we always have issues about waiting for their night to open the box. So instead of opening a box every night it usually turns into an every four night event. Then all the kids get to open a box at the same time and no one gets left out. I don't know why it doesn't bother them to go days in between but it doesn't. I also have a few more of my snowmen on one end of the mantle.

On the other end of the mantle I have my Santa collection. I have gotten a few here and there over the years and now I think I may have a Santa addiction. But since it only affects me once a year I don't worry to much about it.

Next we will head into the kitchen where I really don't have to much to share. Except this lone little Snowman paper towel holder. It was given to me one year and I really like it. He's always sitting by the hot stove so it's a wonder he hasn't melted yet.

I also have my Christmas dishes in the kitchen. Every year the kids are anxious to start using them. So out they come and then all the food gets pushed aside so they can look at the pretty tree and presents on the plate.

Now BooMama asked us to share a special holiday treat with those of you who dropped by. And I must admit that treats just don't last long in this house. So sadly I don't have any pictures of recent treats to show you. But please know that if you come by you will get a lovely cup of tea or coffee. And if your super lucky you may even get a Surprise Snowball.

Surprise Snowball
40 Hersey Kisses
2 c. flour
1 c. Margarine
1 c. pecans, chopped
1/2 c. sugar
1 c. powdered sugar
1 1/2 tsp vanilla

Unwrap Chocolate kisses and set aside. Blend together margarine, sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy. Add pecans and flour to mixture, mix well. Chill dough mixture for about 10 minutes. Shape dough around each chocolate kiss covering completely. Bake at 375 for 12 minutes. Remove from oven and roll in powdered sugar while still warm.

Thanks for stopping by and just be warned that those Surprise Snowballs are addicting and messy to eat with all that powdered sugar. And if your interested in seeing some more homes then head on over to BooMama.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Photo Hunters

This weeks theme is small. And so I decided to show a picture of my oldest daughter when she was a bit smaller than she is now on a trip down to South Padre Island. She is also covered in a lot of small grains of beach sand. It took a while to get her clean.

Then of course we have another picture of two of my children when they were smaller. Here, my son's small head is the only thing sticking out of the sand. And my small daughter at the time was very proud of her work.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Life Before TiVo

or in my case DVR. It seems like such a distant memory. How on earth did we live like that. No rewind, no pause or no recording of live TV. It's amazing how much we use it. And I really fought against getting it for almost two years. What was I thinking. I love DVRing. xoxoxo

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

That was one hungry catepillar.

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Some of my favorite Christmas Ornaments

I've seen some other bloggers out there posting about some of their favorite Christmas ornaments. And since I'm partial to a few of mine, I'd thought I share some of them. The sad thing is that there are a few of my most prized ornaments that didn't get put on the tree this year. With my youngest around and pulling on things I decided to give them a year off and they should hopefully make their return next year. So maybe next year I will get to show you those ones.

First off we have a favorite off all my children. It's one of Santa's face and he is always getting fought over who will get to hang him up on the tree. Whoever does do it always puts him front and center and then everyone knows that Santa is watching everything they do for the rest of the month. Some days it helps their behaviour and other days it doesn't.

I also have a fondness for snowmen. This is one of my favorite snowmen. He's a very simple snowman but I just really like him.

Now as a mom, I am always excited when the kids bring home ornaments that they have made at school. This year is the first year that Hoss got to bring home one and he is very proud of his Christmas wreath. I think it's pretty neat to.

This next one was made by Z. when he was in first grade I think. I truly love it. It's his hand print in white paint. But they didn't stop there, no, they added little touches to all his fingers to make them look like snowmen. How cute is that? I had to put this one up pretty high this year to keep it away from tiny hands.

Then of course having two boys, I have a Santa playing football that gets fought over. Poor Hoss never stands a chance against Z. in hanging this one. Z. practically smells it out before it's out of the decoration box and grabs it first. Z. has become all about football in any form. So yes, this is one of his favorites.

This last one is one I just found this year. It's a small wooden ornament of the Holy Family. I love this so much that I'm thinking that I will keep it out year round for us to enjoy. Originally I thought it was a small Holy Family statue, but when I picked it up I saw the hook and string to hang it from the tree with so I realized it was really an ornament.

But then I get to wondering if it would be sacrilegious to then put it back on the tree at Christmas time. After all if it's been in place of honor all year long would it really want to go back on the tree? Oh, how my mind works sometimes. Putting emotions into inanimate objects. Anyways, give me your opinion on that one would ya?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Restocking and Baking

I'm restocking our medicine cabinets today or at the very least throwing out the super old stuff. (And yes that was restocking and not packing). Hubs and I have decided once again that we love our current house so much right now that we really don't want to leave it. Even for the extra space, the extra money we would spend just seems sort of crazy to us since I'm officially a stay at home mom. See I told you we were flaky people lately. So we finally made a decision (we even spit on it...okay we really didn't do that)that we aren't going to go anywhere until our youngest is in school.

So now i can focus on more of the Christmas activities that I've been feeling like I missed out on last week. I'm way behind in my baking and picture taking. Have I ever told you how much I love my kitchen. It really is perfect for me. It has just seem so lonely lately without any treats being created. Now if I can just find my camera that Hubs packed up, then I could take some pictures of the baking about to ensue. To me that definitely takes precedence over unpacking those few boxes left.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Shopping Online

I've been doing a lot of shopping for Christmas online lately. I truly don't like to shop much and will generally do anything to avoid the crowds at the stores. But then I get to feeling a bit guilty. I see the shipping charges and think to myself "you really could have saved this money". But then I remember how cold it is outside and how I have to drag anywhere from one to four children with me. Once I calculate in the numerous potty breaks, snacks and tantrums avoided, I always decide that the shipping costs are well worth the hassle it saves me. Plus it has the extra benefit of getting something "fun" in the mail. Yes, I do like online shopping.


Hubs and I are turning into some serious flaky people. We love flaky biscuits,flaky pie crusts, flaky pot pies, you get the idea. We never dreamed we would be flaky people. We always thought we were more consistent lovin' kinds of people. You know the soft, moist, spongy kind. You put something in the oven and your always guaranteed the same results over and over. That's not necessarily the case with something flaky. Some days it works out perfectly but other times there is just to much shortening to make it flake just right. But over the last year we have proved to ourselves and our families that yes, we are the most flakiest people they know. I guess flaky isn't always a bad thing. It can make for some delicious meals at least. It just really surprises us is all. Maybe we should join a meeting or something. We could stand up and introduce ourselves as Mr. and Mrs. Flaky. Do you think it would help?

Friday, December 7, 2007

Photo Hunters

This weeks theme is long. So here I am pondering what sort of pictures do I have that can be described as long. And I decided on a picture of a bridge that's close to our home. It's not the longest bridge in our area but I think it has some of the most character to it. Up until about six or seven years ago it was still in use. The scary part was that it was a one lane bridge. So when you would drive up to it you would check as best you could that no cars were coming from the other direction and if it was clear you would drive as fast as you dared to get across it. It was always a short adventure that felt much longer to get across than it actually took. But since school buses had to use that bridge (built around 1887), they decided to build a new "overpass" right next to it. Now the "Old Alton Bridge" is just a park for us to go walk around in if we want to. The kids love going there.

So here you can see what the LONG reinforced boards on bridge look liked. You can also see some of the LONG steel bars that make the shape of the bridge. (Sorry I know there is a technical name for these things but I don't know what it is and didn't just want to refer to them as the red thingies).

Here's another view of Old Alton Bridge.

I guess the days of driving across this bridge are LONG gone now but not the memories. Those will stick around for a LONG time.

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Packing Stinks

Let me just tell you that I truly hate packing. Whether it's a suitcase for a short trip or just reloading the diaper bag. But truly, the worst of it all has to be packing for a move. I detest it so much that I try to do as little of it as possible. I'm trying to talk Hubs into believing that we are suddenly rich and we should just hire professional movers to come and pack us up. He's having none of it though. No sirree, not my man. My man is way to manly to let someone else come in and pack up our prized possessions (and I use that term very loosely). Nope, my man wants us to pack ourselves up and then he wants to move us himself.

My manly man is out to kill me with packing. I did the very least packing I could possibly do during the day. You see in my world, tiny little elves, fairies or gnomes (I'm really not sure) come to pack up all our stuff while we sleep. So when Hubs gets home from work I proudly show him my two boxes of packed items. Hubs loves me to much to really tell me what he thinks of my two boxes but I can see it in his eyes. But I am not to get off that easy. No, not me. My sweet manly man starts to pack after he has been working all day. Then naturally I feel guilty so I start to help. During all this late night packing my four wild indian children are running around like crazy. Meanwhile I keep trying to convince him that really we should hire movers, all to no avail. So I keep on packing.

And just in case you don't know it... Packing Stinks.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nap Time dilemas

I don't know when it started exactly or why. But A. is having some serious napping/bed time issues. I'll lay her down and she will scream and cry for at least an hour or more if I let her. It truly has just gotten so frustrating for me. But it's even worse when my one and half year old doesn't get a nap. So just pray that we both get over our nap time/bedtime issues. Because obviously mom has some issues also otherwise this wouldn't frustrate me so much.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Hangin' With the Big Kids

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Catching My Breath

Ok, after the whirlwind of activity of the last few days, it's time for me to catch my breath. My mom was here this past weekend so we got to spend some fun time together. We were able to also get a lot of the kids present shopping done with out them being with us. Huge help for us. So thanks for that, Mom!

Then as some of you know, we have been looking to get a bigger house for over a year now. We have patiently been waiting for the right one. We put offers on two other houses but backed out because they just weren't exactly what we both wanted.

Well, Sunday we got a call to go and check out a new house which was almost finished being built. So we packed up and went to see if it was something we wanted to see inside of. And it was. So Monday we toured the inside of it and loved it. It isn't far from our current home so my children won't have to change schools and they can still see their friends easily enough. So all day yesterday we (and by that I mean me) were on the phone getting all the details hammered out. We signed the paperwork last night and we will be closing on our new home in two weeks.

So now we are in the process of getting our current home listed so we can either lease it or sell it. Hopefully everything will go smoothly from here on out. We are just going to be super busy trying to pack up and finish all the rest of the shopping needed.

Hopefully my sanity will remain intact. Well at least the little bit of sanity I had left anyway.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Busier than

a one legged man in kickin' contest. I promise to be back soon. Once Hubs has finished running me ragged. All is good though.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Trails

The kids and I went out for a walk this morning. Only they specifically asked if we could go somewhere with a path or a trail. I agree but am thinking to myself "Where in the world do they come up with these things". So we went for a little walk along in an area I've been meaning to take them to for a while now. I was just waiting for it to cool down enough so the chiggers wouldn't be so bad. They were very excited to be able to walk through the wooded areas along the trails.

They were super excited to find a tree with a tree trunk that was hollow enough for them take turns hiding in.

They liked being able to walk across the bridge and being up high.But there all time favorite was dropping rocks into the water from way up high and hearing them splash into the water.

They spent a long time trying to decide who made the biggest splashes with their rocks. I think they decided it was a tie.
And now they are happily back home playing with one of the many sticks that somehow ended up in the van. You have to love it when the stars align just right for a nice morning out.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

One of the views from our apartment: Merikoskik, Oulu, Finland

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Welcome to Scroogeville

I've been informed that I may as well be Ebeneezer Scrooge. My children told me this. Why? Because when they were outside yesterday they noticed that we are the only house without any Christmas decorations or a tree up yet. They went down the block looking at all the houses and came back and said that "Eveeerryone has one but us" (just insert your favorite whine here).

And so the torture has begun. When are we going to put our tree up, what about the lights on the house? It's not that I don't put up our decorations early every year, I do. But this year I decided not to do it the weekend over Thanksgiving. Mainly because it would give me one less week of Baby A. pulling on the tree. I am now regretting it. The kids have been to the store with me and know I have new decorations, so they want them up NOW! I keep telling them to be patient we will do it this weekend but patience and my children don't get along very well.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Best Before Date

You know how any food product we buy has a best before date. Well I must admit to being one of those people who doesn't really pay much attention to it. Unless it's milk. I'm always checking that date. My Hubs on the other hand does check the dates on food. Which means he is always throwing stuff out. He looks at me and tells me "It's gone off" to which I always reply in my sweetest voice "Where did it go?". Just drives him crazy...I love to drive him crazy.

So this weekend Hubs decides that he can't find anything in our pantry. To him it was a disorganized mess, to me it was marginally organized chaos. I knew the general area of where something should be and usually found what I was looking for no problem. So Hubs decided to clean out the pantry and organize it.

He brought in the big garage trashcan and got to work. He organized, sorted and every now and then asked me a question. We decided that we could probably give all the baby food away since we don't use it anymore. We (notice how I count my comments from the recliner as help)tossed out two big bags of old food, stale chips and whatever else he saw.

In the process he found my most favorite chocolate bar ever. It's called a Geisha and I can only get it when someone brings it back from Finland for me. It had gotten lost somewhere in the land of macaroni and cheese. So for me, the entire process was now worth it.

The only problem was the best before date was past. Oh what to do, what to do. Well I decided to go ahead and keep it. It is chocolate after all and it's my most favorite chocolate bar ever and no one is going to Finland anytime soon to bring me back some more. So it got put back into the now half empty and very organized pantry where it wouldn't be lost again.

But it didn't stay there, instead my Geisha bar started to call my name, begging me to come and open it and see if it had gone white yet. Because once it had then even I would have tossed it out. So I opened it. And it wasn't all white looking. I still had hope. Would the hazelnut filling still be good? I decided to try it and see. And just as fast I took a bite, I spit it out. The hazelnut filling was old. So I had no choice but to face the fact that my last Geisha bar was most definitely past it prime. I'm so sad, my surprise find was not worth eating and even more humbling than that is that now I must tell Hubs that yes he is right, I really should be more aware of the best before date.

I can hear him laughing now.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Photo Hunters

This weeks theme is hot. So I thought of all the different things that are hot for me. With all the cooking going on in my kitchen yesterday I had tons of hot things to choose from. But then I would have had to stop cooking to take pictures and there was no way my family was going to let me get away with that. So it was after we were stuffed and sitting in misery on the couch watching football that I finally decided on this weeks photo.

I was freezing cold but couldn't light the fireplace since the pilot light hasn't been lit for the season. So I decided to just light a bunch of candles instead. And while it did give me the flames to watch it really just wasn't as good as a big fire. But I really hated to ask my poor Hubs to get up and light it since we were so full. And honestly all any of us really wanted to do was to suck our thumbs, curl up into the fetal position and take a long nap. So for my choice for this week, I settled on a couple of the candles that were lit last night as we tried to recover from the gluttony of our Thanksgiving dinner.

So there you have it, a very long commentary and one little photo to go along with it. For other views on this week's theme visit or

On your Mark, Get Set **UPDATED**


I've given thanks, eaten way to much and enjoyed my family. So today I get to go buy new clothes to fit my bigger body and not enjoy the crowds of other people out shopping. I wouldn't be going except I saw the cutest shoes in the ads yesterday. I was overtaken by the urge to have them. They have taken over my every thought and I have even dreamed of them in my pumpkin pie induced craze. So if you see a crazy lady in the shoe department with a definite sugar/turkey hangover. It's not me. It's one of the other millions of ladies out in the stores today.

Since I know your truly wondering what shoes would possibly get me out into the stores today, I thought I'd post a picture. So without further ado let me present my Skechers. Aren't they lovely?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Some Thanksgiving colors to warm your front porch.

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Free Christmas Music

The nice folks at Provident Music label are graciously offering the bloggers of the world a chance for a free copy of Michael W. Smith's new Christmas CD. All the details are on this site--but you have to act VERY fast. Only the first 150 qualified bloggers will get a copy. So hurry up and go check it out.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Simple Plans

Since we aren't going anywhere for our Thanksgiving holiday and it will just be us at home, I get to be the cook. Not a big deal really. I've done the big meals before for just our family and they always turn out pretty good. But I decided that I wasn't going to go crazy cooking a ton of different dishes this year. Why should I when it is really just me and Hubs that eat the leftovers. So I bought a small turkey and plan on doing just a few sides. Nothing to big. But since my kids do love to eat in the dining room I am still planning on letting them use the good china and crystal ware (at least the big ones). I see no sense in saving it for when they get bigger. I don't get to use it enough as it is. And the kids feel very grown up when they get use the same plates as grown ups. I'm not saving the pumpkin pie either. Hubs and kids are welcome to cut a piece anytime they like. The sooner it's gone the better off my weight will be. So that's it for our simple plans, how about yours?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Some things never change

Hubs and I were laughing on the drive home from church yesterday. Why? Because it became obvious to me that some things just never change. Back in the day, when we were young we would get our high school yearbooks. And we would spend the next few hours pouring over all the pictures in them. Trying to find all our friends and anything else that would matter. Then we would spend the next few weeks trading the yearbooks with our friends so that they could sign them.

So why did this trip down memory yearbook lane happen. Well it's because we got our new church pictorial directory. So on the drive home I started to flip through it and look at pictures. I'd say to Hubs, "hey look here is so and so, what a cute picture" or "hey look this is the funniest expression I've ever seen a baby make" to which Hubs would just look at me with this strange expression. That was until I showed him our pictures. It's the same picture we have at home but for some reason it looks much worse in the directory next to all the "cute" pictures. He just shook his head and said great another cue ball pictures of me (he shaves his head bald by the way). Then he goes on to say that our oldest son Z. has the cheesiest grin ever to which I have to agree. He also needed a haircut really bad. Bad planning on my part when we took the picture. But we rescheduled it so many times it was a wonder we even got it done.

So we got to talking about how similar our church directory was to a yearbook. It's a really bad picture of us for everyone to see and keep for as long as they have the directory. So anytime anyone needs to put a face with our name they are bound to go "oh my" when they find us. I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels that way but in our case it truly is true. The only difference between the two is that this time I'm not going to get my friends to sign it for me and tell me to "Stay Cool and Never Change" because let's face it, after looking at that picture that is exactly what they are going to be wishing I would do...change, seek help, something please.

So yep, some things do never change. Bad pictures in driver's license, yearbooks and church directories are pretty much a guarantee in our household.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Photo Hunters

This weeks theme is I Love ____ (fill in the blank).

This was both an easy one and a hard one for me to decide on. There are so many things that I love. I love my family of course. I love coffee, which makes dealing with the youngest members of the family easier first thing in the morning. I love ice cream. So you see that was my problem, to many things to pick and chose from. But then I was reminded about how fast my kids seem to be growing up before my eyes. And so I decided that what I really love is being there for some of the milestones that we parents get to enjoy. Here are two that are just from this week alone.

The first time they learn to ride a bike without training wheels.

The first pre-school presentation that your child is in.

Hope you enjoyed my take on this weeks theme.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Best Turkey Ever

Tomorrow is the big turkey lunch that my son's school has to celebrate Thanksgiving. When Z. realized this he got so excited and declared that it was the best turkey ever.

Now me being me, I had to question him. How can he possibly think this since he eats my turkey every year also. Doesn't he know the turkey they serve him in the school cafeteria is probably some kind of compressed processed meat. Quite unlike anything we have on our Thanksgiving table. But Z. being firm in his declaration of his school turkey, says mom it is the best turkey ever. It's juicier. What! My nine year old has suddenly developed a sophisticated palette and says my turkey is not as juicy as the cafeteria variety.

What else can I do but throw up my hands. So I remind him how one day when he fondly remembers his mama's turkey he will suddenly realize how much he is mistaken. But for the time being I think I do know who has the best turkey ever. It's me, and he is asleep in bed now dreaming of his turkey lunch tomorrow. And just for the record my turkey is juicier.

I'm Five and I play Basketball

That is the new greeting you get from Hoss nowadays. He will tell anyone who appears to have a pulse and has even eyed the fence post lately.

He told the man at the grocery store, he told the lady at the register. He ran up to the fireman and paused just long enough to say "Hi Fireman" before he launches into his I'm Five and I play Basketball. He tells anybody who will listen.

This is because he has his very first basketball practice tomorrow night. It's his first time playing team sports. He has always been a spectator at all of his big brother Z.'s games. Now he realizes that it's going to be all about him. And in a family with four kids, lets face it...that's big time. We get to take him to practice and we all get to go watch him play his games. He is so excited that he can hardly stand it. He has been practising for over a week now at home and feels ready to go make lots of baskets at practice tomorrow night. That's pretty big stuff if your five.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Might as well be homeschooling

I've noticed a trend with my fourth grader lately. He goes off to school for eight hours a day. He comes home and he and I will work on various homework assignments for at least another hour and sometimes even two. All so he can do well on his TAKS test in the spring. I am doing so much proofreading and editing of his writing that it feels like I am in the fourth grade also.

So when I stop to think that my son is essentially doing school work for a total of ten hours a day, I often think homeschoolers have it right. They can spend what I hear is on average about four hours of true school work in the morning and the rest of the day is filled with other activities. Then I realize this is me we are talking about. There is no way I could ever be a homeschooling mom. I don't see myself as having the patience to deal with all that it truly would it entail. So where does that leave me...I guess back in the fourth grade doing a bunch of editing.

Worldess Wednesday

Two Tongues are Better than one!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fall Into Reading- Sailing to Capri

I just finished reading Sailing to Capri by Elizabeth Adler and thought I would review it for the Fall into Reading over at Caddapiller Days. This was an impulse by at the store the other day. I was looking for a quick and easy read and this one totally fit the bill.

The story is about how a wealthy English tycoon dies mysteriously but leaves a list of six people who could have had something to do with his murder. He has hired a P.I., Harry Montana, to investigate it along with his dear friend and assistant Daisy Kean. They are instructed to get the six people on board a luxurious yacht and go on a cruise off the coast of Italy. There they will waiting for the real killer to make himself known somehow. Along the way both Harry and Daisy start to fall for each other. The real killer is naturally found out at the end and it proves to be quite the surprise.

While this is what I consider to be more of a light and easy read, I enjoyed it. The romance part of it didn't get so detailed as to make you think it was actually a true romance. But at the same time the mystery/suspense details didn't get so detailed that you were afraid to stop reading. It was a good combination for both. If your looking for a relaxing book with lots of great details for you to imagine the lavish lifestyle, then this would be a great choice.

Circus Time

Hubs and I took the kids to the Shriner Circus last night. We packed the kids into the van and left for our forty-five minute drive of torture to Ft. Worth. Four kids in the van that long, knowing they are going to the circus, well I think my husband and I deserve medals for having patience on that drive. They were bouncing off the windows to say the least. But, I must admit we big kids were pretty excited about it also.

So we get to the venue an hour before it starts. Where we find out it's open seating. So now we are faced with the dilemma of do we continue on our original plan and go grab a bite to eat before the circus at a restaurant. Or do we go get super good seats and let the kids play on the bounce houses, pony rides, etc. and spend a million dollars on bad food. So for once in my life, I was wishing we could go to MacDonald's at the very least. But the kids begged and pleaded (which honestly didn't take much convincing for dad) and went inside to spend way to much money. I must say we were warned however. The old man in the ticket box told my husband flat out, "Oh, there is all kinds of crap in there for you to spend your money on." And I must say, he was right.

We spent forty dollars on 3 boxes of popcorn, 3 cokes, 2 orders of nachos and 2 day old "fresh pretzels". Oh how I was missing MacDonald's about now. But we did get great seats and the kids got to go down and bounce on the bounce houses and ride some of the rides. We were also lucky enough to spend way to much money on cotton candy and plastic light up toys.

But the circus itself was great. The acts were a lot of fun for the kids and us. I truly don't know what people are thinking when I see some of the stunts that they do. The clowns were cute and did a great job making the kids laugh. It wasn't the big Barnum and Bailey Circus I had seen before, but I thought it was actually a bit better than that one. And to top it all off, they stuck someone into the human cannonball and shot him out of it. The kids really liked that. And they keep going back and forth about what was their favorite act. So they enjoyed themselves and so did mom and dad. It was a great family night out, even with the day old "fresh pretzels".

Friday, November 9, 2007

Photo Hunt

This weeks theme is flexible. I was trying to think of some of the everyday things we use that are flexible. What I came up with was some of the Bungee Cords that my Hubs keeps in his garage. The kids will pull these out and attach all sorts of things to the back of their bikes or Power Wheels trucks. They stretch them out pretty far but they always go back to normal. Pretty great invention if I say so myself.

Then as I was going through some of my old photos I came across this one of fire hoses folded neatly in the firetruck. I think they are pretty flexible considering the extreme amount of water pressure flowing through them. After they are all done they fold up so nice and neat.

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Little Miss Independent

I have a very independent three year old. K. is the type of child that once she makes up her mind, then there is no going back. It was a great trait when it came time to potty training. She decided that she didn't want to wear pull ups anymore and that was that. She was done and only wore big girl panties after that.

K. has now decided it's time to be a big girl again. She went to bed Wednesday night telling me that she wanted me to take off the training wheels on her bike. I said okay we will try it out tomorrow and put them back on if you want. She just informed me that no she wouldn't need them anymore. So yesterday she reminded me that I needed to take off the little wheels on her bike. I took them off and then we began to work on riding her bike like a big girl. She had a few spills but never cried or got upset. She finally figured it out after about twenty minutes and was riding on her own after that. She still doesn't have the starting or stopping down yet (which is why my back is so sore today). But she said she'd learn that today along with the turns. Yes, my three and a half year old is very independent. Hopefully today I will be able to actually get some pictures of her riding on her own.

Just one more milestone to remind me how fast my children are growing up.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I've had it up to ear today

I know I am a dork using the whole here and ear wordplay. But I really have had it up to ear today. Hoss woke up with a bad ear infection which meant another trip to the Dr. But as I'm getting dressed, Baby A. comes up to me mad cause her new earring (as of last week that is) has been pulled out. By K. no less. So then I had to strip the bed (the one I just changed the sheets on) in order to find the missing earring and couldn't. So I give up and find another earring to put in her ear. Naturally it is a different size gold ball but it's all I had. Once I get it in I find the missing earring. No big deal I think, I will just take the small one out. But no matter how much I try, I can't get the darn thing off. And since I didn't want to mess with her ear anymore than necessary, I leave Baby A. with a mismatched set of earrings. For the time being. Maybe I should just let K. take this one out for me. Oh wait, I haven't remade the bed yet, better do that first so I can tear it apart again looking for the earring. Yep, I've had it up to ear the ears today.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ah how we have fallen back

I must say that the fall back time change has been a good thing for us. The reason is simple, it's easier on the kids. My oldest son can now ride his bike to school in bright sunlight versus the sunrise. Which is a great thing as far as safety goes.

But the really important good change for us is at night. It has been so great that it gets dark earlier. We get the kids inside at an earlier time. We eat dinner at an earlier time. The kids get bathed earlier. And the best part...drumroll please.... the kids go to better earlier. Which means that there is more adult time. Yes, I can honestly say that I'm very glad that we have fallen back this week.

Wordless Wednesday

Another beautiful fall rose.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Is It a Bad Thing if..

instead of just washing and changing the sheets and towels on your beds you just run to Target and buy some new ones? It really kind of defeats the purpose since I am so freaked out about unwashed brand new things that I won't be able to use them until they are washed. But once I finally do get around to finally washing them, then I'll be able to enjoy them. Now I just need to find some new laundry hampers for the kids rooms and new bathroom trash cans.

Just one more way to avoid doing laundry.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Looky What I'm Learning

I'm finally trying to figure out all this photo editing stuff that everyone else seems to know how to do. I'm a bit of a slow learner since if it involves using the computer I will let Hubs figure it out and then explain it to me. That way I don't have to strain my brain or anything serious like that. This is also why my cool digital photo picture frame is still not on my mantle. Maybe I'll tackle that one next. Then again maybe I'll just pay better attention next time he tells me how to do it. But anyways I digress once again. Photo editing... my pictures... oh yeah.

Here is a picture I took this past summer of one of my Purslane flowers. It's a very pretty hot pink which I love.

But I'd wanted to get just the flower part and nothing else. So I spent some time finally playing around. I realized that I could trim the picture. Wow.. what a concept. So I trimmed. Then I added a bit of color saturation. Then I realized I could put text on the pictures. So I did, not that I'm a professional of any sort mind you. But since I figured out how to do it then by gosh I was going to. So now this is the end result.

Tell me what do you think? Are you completely shocked and awed that I am even excited about this bit of photo editing that any third grader can probably do. I mean it really is pretty easy stuff and I don't know why I haven't done it before. And I'm really not sure why I'm so excited about finally doing it now, but I am. Anyways, if nothing else, it gives me another chance to look at my pretty purslane flower this winter.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Announcing the Winner

Wow, I had close to two hundred entrants. That's just way to fun.

The winner of my earring and necklace set is

Laurel Wreath over at laurelwreathsreflections

I will be trying to contact you soon to figure out the details of shipping it to you.

Thanks to the rest of you for playing.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Photo Hunters

This weeks theme is classic.

The first thing that came to my mind was our friend Janne who came to the US from Finland and wanted to buy himself an old Cadillac. He would be able to restore this classic car and then take it back to Finland where he would be able to enter it in the American Classic Cars Competition over there. He found one while he was here and he spent many hours restoring his "classic baby". Here is an old Buick that belonged to another friend of ours.

During our time we lived there we went to a couple of car shows. For my husband and I, it was just cool to see the old cars. But for the Finns that we saw at the car shows, it was more than just cool. They were really impressed by them. This is because it's harder for them to get them over there anymore due to regulations required of a classic car. Here are a couple of pictures of the "classic" cars we saw while we were living in Finland.

We even saw some classic foreign model cars (these were of more interest to my husband and I then the American ones).

We also saw some classic tractors (who knew people actually cared enough about tractors to put them in a car show).

And some classic steam engines.

So there you have it, many examples of classic machinery. Hope you liked it.

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