Thursday, November 8, 2007

I've had it up to ear today

I know I am a dork using the whole here and ear wordplay. But I really have had it up to ear today. Hoss woke up with a bad ear infection which meant another trip to the Dr. But as I'm getting dressed, Baby A. comes up to me mad cause her new earring (as of last week that is) has been pulled out. By K. no less. So then I had to strip the bed (the one I just changed the sheets on) in order to find the missing earring and couldn't. So I give up and find another earring to put in her ear. Naturally it is a different size gold ball but it's all I had. Once I get it in I find the missing earring. No big deal I think, I will just take the small one out. But no matter how much I try, I can't get the darn thing off. And since I didn't want to mess with her ear anymore than necessary, I leave Baby A. with a mismatched set of earrings. For the time being. Maybe I should just let K. take this one out for me. Oh wait, I haven't remade the bed yet, better do that first so I can tear it apart again looking for the earring. Yep, I've had it up to ear the ears today.

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Kellan said...

I know this feeling! We are going through issues lately with The Princess' earrings - sometimes getting infectedm - have to keep treating them every single day. She's had them pierced since June - she is going to be intolerant to them, like her older sisters. I don't get it = I've never had one problem with mine. See you later.