Friday, July 13, 2007

My John Deere Boy

Hoss loves him a tractor. (There did I say that country enough) What I mean is that Hoss really loves tractors. Of any kind, but he really loves the green John Deere ones the best. He will spend hours playing with cars and tractors.

Well when we went to Missouri we reminded him that his Uncle Bill had a tractor. Imagine his joy when he realized that he would get to ride on the tractor again. That was all he could talk about. And naturally the first morning we were there he was up with the cows. (Yes they do own cows as well) He then went off in search of Uncle Bill to "help" him. This was after he put on his green tractor shirt. He wanted to be sure and be dressed for the part. Now since I am a good mom, I stayed inside with all the rest of the sleeping children to keep an eye on them (at least that's the story I'm sticking with). But my husband went out to watch Hoss with his uncle. It was then that I heard the tractor start up. So off I ran to get the camera and get it to my husband so he could grab some pictures of Hoss in his blissful state. Hoss was driving the tractor around, with his Uncle only there in case he needed help.

Then they decided that some hay that was waiting to be moved needed to be moved just at that moment. So Hoss moved the hay into the barn. After all the hard work they decided to just drive around a bit and check things out.

I can honestly say that this was probably the best part of the entire trip for Hoss. Who cares about playing with cousins, visiting with grandma or going to a dumb ol' wedding. It's all about tractors for Hoss.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Swimmers Ear

My son Z. has swimmers ear. He is so heartbroken and embarrassingly enough so a I. He can't swim with his head underwater for at least a week. This means that we can't go hang out at the pool every afternoon like we have been doing. I really counted on this two hour excursion every day. It kept all the kids happy and content. It also had the extra benefit of wearing them out so that they would all go to bed just a bit easier. I love being at the pool so it's relaxing for me to. There always seems to be someone there to visit with. So now we are on a pool hiatus and everyone is stir crazy. I'm doing different indoor activities that we would normally do during swim time but it's alot harder on me and doesn't wear them out like swimming does. Guess it will just be a long week for all of us without swimming.

But onto good news, blogger is finally letting me post titles, comments and posts again. Yay for small things.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How I know my children aren't from the country.

A conversation as we were driving from Texas to Missouri.

Z. - Hey Mom, look at the really tall grass.
Me- No Z., that's not grass, it's corn.
A Few Observations from this morning:

1. The kids all woke up early and are happily and QUIETLY getting along.

2. Baby A. can find any nightlight in the house and bring them all to me in a matter of seconds.

3. It seems like the only time my children have to go to the bathroom is if I am eating, or if they can synchronize their systems to all go at the same time.

4. I am enjoying my second cup of hot (not lukewarm) coffee. A small pleasure in itself.

5. My kids are already asking if it's time to go swimming since we have gone everyday for the last week. Unfortunately they don't realize how much laundry there is.

6. My title bar in my posts is not working again for the third day in a row. Sigh!

7. I am spending way to much time surfing around blogland this morning and need to get busy with real life.

Monday, July 9, 2007


For some frustrating reason I am unable to get my title to appear on my posts lately. The cursor just won't go up to it. So now my posts look pretty cheesy until I can figure out what is going on. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
The Wedding Cake

As you know we just came back from my niece's wedding. It was a small wedding from the start but the bad weather made it even more so. Which we tried to make into a good thing by saying there was more wedding cake for us to eat.

As you can see it was a pretty cake. Nothing huge or extravagant but pretty.

And my children were itching to get a piece (or two) of the wedding cake. So once the cake was finally cut they were excited.

I have to admit that I love wedding cakes because they are so much heavier than a normal cake. The filling and frosting is always different to and to me that just makes it all the better. There is one place here locally that I can order a cake that is just like a wedding cake but since they aren't cheap I don't do it that often. But anyways back to the wedding cake.

My son Z. was one of the first to get a piece of cake and I noticed he wasn't really eating it. So I asked him how it was, my nine year old boy who loves cake said "it's okay". So I decided to try a bite of his and I have to agree. It was okay. Nothing like what I was expecting. But we didn't say anything to anyone and just continued on visiting. I later found out that the lady who owned the reception hall included the cake in the package and that she makes them. So now I understood why it didn't taste like a wedding cake. But then she approached my son Z. and asked if he was enjoying the cake. Z. being nine (and not knowing she made it) said he didn't like it that much. She looked shocked. So I quickly tried to cover for him and said it was because the frosting was to rich for us. Z. agreed since he really didn't know why he didn't like it but was going to go along with anything I said. So the lady looked quite happy after that and continued on.

So crisis averted. At least the cake still looked pretty in the pictures and unless you know different (which you now do) you would think it would be delicious also. So moral of the story...never ask a child what he thinks of the cake because they will always tell the truth. Even if it's just okay.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying themselves on the Fourth. They normally don't get to do fireworks so they felt like they had won the lottery.

K. really enjoyed being a "big" girl and holding it all by herself.

After watching all the dancing around that Z. did with his sparklers I am thinking of signing him up for ballet. I swear all he was missing was the pink tights. But he had fun so that's all that matters.

And Hoss, well he thought they were really cool. That is until he tried to hold it to close to the sparks and it burned his thumb. After that he was pretty happy just to sit back and watch the others. But all in all they enjoyed themselves and we still have lots of snappers leftover.