Monday, July 9, 2007

The Wedding Cake

As you know we just came back from my niece's wedding. It was a small wedding from the start but the bad weather made it even more so. Which we tried to make into a good thing by saying there was more wedding cake for us to eat.

As you can see it was a pretty cake. Nothing huge or extravagant but pretty.

And my children were itching to get a piece (or two) of the wedding cake. So once the cake was finally cut they were excited.

I have to admit that I love wedding cakes because they are so much heavier than a normal cake. The filling and frosting is always different to and to me that just makes it all the better. There is one place here locally that I can order a cake that is just like a wedding cake but since they aren't cheap I don't do it that often. But anyways back to the wedding cake.

My son Z. was one of the first to get a piece of cake and I noticed he wasn't really eating it. So I asked him how it was, my nine year old boy who loves cake said "it's okay". So I decided to try a bite of his and I have to agree. It was okay. Nothing like what I was expecting. But we didn't say anything to anyone and just continued on visiting. I later found out that the lady who owned the reception hall included the cake in the package and that she makes them. So now I understood why it didn't taste like a wedding cake. But then she approached my son Z. and asked if he was enjoying the cake. Z. being nine (and not knowing she made it) said he didn't like it that much. She looked shocked. So I quickly tried to cover for him and said it was because the frosting was to rich for us. Z. agreed since he really didn't know why he didn't like it but was going to go along with anything I said. So the lady looked quite happy after that and continued on.

So crisis averted. At least the cake still looked pretty in the pictures and unless you know different (which you now do) you would think it would be delicious also. So moral of the story...never ask a child what he thinks of the cake because they will always tell the truth. Even if it's just okay.


Irritable Mother said...

Kids are honest!
When do they learn tact?
Several years ago I had surgery and had to have all my hair shaved off for it. The first time my son (age 4 at the time) saw me without a scarf on he looked in surprise and said, "I was, like, are you a boy???" Yup, he was just being honest.

Kimbie said...

Out of the mouths of babes. I've had more than one embarrassing truthful moment with one of my kids. Thank goodness they outgrow it eventually.

4andcounting said...

That is a beautiful cake. Too bad the taste didn't match the presentation.