Friday, May 4, 2007

My sweet uncle

My sweet Uncle Soupy has had a heart attack. He is 82 and up until then has been going full force. He still mows his own very large yard. Him and my aunt Sister still travel around a lot and enjoy each other. When I heard he had a heart attack and they had sent him to the bigger hospital then what his town offered I was surprised. I don't know why, he is 82 after all. Well it turns out he needed a heart bypass (five of them to be exact). After the surgery he had a few more problems so they had to put him on a pacemaker as well. Now he seems to be making some improvement. Hopefully he will be out of the hospital soon and back home. But it just shows me once again how short life is. Watching my Uncle and my Aunt you would never know that they are 82 and 80, not until it's brought to your attention like this. I hope that his recovery will be a smooth and easy one and that it will not take a toll on my aunt as well. They have been such an intricate part of my life. Not just relatives from a distance. I feel for them and the worry that they are each going through. It is hard for them to imagine one of them not being there. After 63 years of marriage I know I would feel the same way.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Summer Schedules

When you have four children you must plan your summer schedules. If you don't you will sure go crazy. I have learned this from experience. If one of them has something going on then the rest of them will want to do something as well. So whenever possible I try to make sure that they are all going to be happy since that will ensure mom is happy. Sometimes it's easier than others. I am lucky that my children love Vacation Bible School since they can all participate at some level in it. Other things take a bit more work. Swim lessons required me to look closely at the available schedule. Finally after pouring over the available time slots I had success. My oldest will be in an advanced swim class at the same time as my middle children. That will give the kids two weeks of swim lessons without mom having to get in the water. Very important detail since the baby will still be there in the stroller needing me. Then of course we have the standard week at grandma's house in there somewhere. We will also be trying to visit my brother and his family since they live close to South Padre Island. Who can resist a beach vacation with family and no hotels. Not us. Peppered in there will be our lazy days spent at the pool and hopefully many playdates with other friends. So let the scheduling begin and bring on the warm weather of summer and let's enjoy ourselves.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Working in the Service Industry

I work in the service industry. I serve the needs of my general public. I do this by being a chauffeur to the many activities that I am required to attend. Such as sporting events, speech therapy and school. I am a shopping consultant. I am continuously on the lookout for the best deal to be found and that which will provide the most nutrition possible. I am a chef for a very difficult clientele. Their palettes are as varied as the individuals that I serve. Some are easy to please and always come back for more. Others are extremely finicky and don't like to try new dishes when put in front of them. I am the first response medical team. I decide how serious an injury is and what the best way to treat it will be. I am an accountant. I oversee the annual budget and decide what expenses are truly necessary. I am a teacher. I teach the difference between right and wrong as well as ABC's and 123's. I am a religion teacher. I make sure that the Lord is present in all that I try to do and am willing to share my faith with any around me. I make sure my children are growing up knowing of God's love for us. I am a mom. That is what my calling in life is right now. By being a mom I am emerged in every imaginable aspect of the service industry. It truly is a wonderful calling.