Monday, April 30, 2007

Working in the Service Industry

I work in the service industry. I serve the needs of my general public. I do this by being a chauffeur to the many activities that I am required to attend. Such as sporting events, speech therapy and school. I am a shopping consultant. I am continuously on the lookout for the best deal to be found and that which will provide the most nutrition possible. I am a chef for a very difficult clientele. Their palettes are as varied as the individuals that I serve. Some are easy to please and always come back for more. Others are extremely finicky and don't like to try new dishes when put in front of them. I am the first response medical team. I decide how serious an injury is and what the best way to treat it will be. I am an accountant. I oversee the annual budget and decide what expenses are truly necessary. I am a teacher. I teach the difference between right and wrong as well as ABC's and 123's. I am a religion teacher. I make sure that the Lord is present in all that I try to do and am willing to share my faith with any around me. I make sure my children are growing up knowing of God's love for us. I am a mom. That is what my calling in life is right now. By being a mom I am emerged in every imaginable aspect of the service industry. It truly is a wonderful calling.


4andcounting said...

You forgot detective, as you must identify the mystery smells and find the missing shoe. You forgot negotiator, as you must determine the fairest resolution to a dispute. I could go on--great post!

Queen Of My Domain said...

To funny, how could I forget the most obvious ones like that.