Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Trails

The kids and I went out for a walk this morning. Only they specifically asked if we could go somewhere with a path or a trail. I agree but am thinking to myself "Where in the world do they come up with these things". So we went for a little walk along in an area I've been meaning to take them to for a while now. I was just waiting for it to cool down enough so the chiggers wouldn't be so bad. They were very excited to be able to walk through the wooded areas along the trails.

They were super excited to find a tree with a tree trunk that was hollow enough for them take turns hiding in.

They liked being able to walk across the bridge and being up high.But there all time favorite was dropping rocks into the water from way up high and hearing them splash into the water.

They spent a long time trying to decide who made the biggest splashes with their rocks. I think they decided it was a tie.
And now they are happily back home playing with one of the many sticks that somehow ended up in the van. You have to love it when the stars align just right for a nice morning out.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

One of the views from our apartment: Merikoskik, Oulu, Finland

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Welcome to Scroogeville

I've been informed that I may as well be Ebeneezer Scrooge. My children told me this. Why? Because when they were outside yesterday they noticed that we are the only house without any Christmas decorations or a tree up yet. They went down the block looking at all the houses and came back and said that "Eveeerryone has one but us" (just insert your favorite whine here).

And so the torture has begun. When are we going to put our tree up, what about the lights on the house? It's not that I don't put up our decorations early every year, I do. But this year I decided not to do it the weekend over Thanksgiving. Mainly because it would give me one less week of Baby A. pulling on the tree. I am now regretting it. The kids have been to the store with me and know I have new decorations, so they want them up NOW! I keep telling them to be patient we will do it this weekend but patience and my children don't get along very well.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Best Before Date

You know how any food product we buy has a best before date. Well I must admit to being one of those people who doesn't really pay much attention to it. Unless it's milk. I'm always checking that date. My Hubs on the other hand does check the dates on food. Which means he is always throwing stuff out. He looks at me and tells me "It's gone off" to which I always reply in my sweetest voice "Where did it go?". Just drives him crazy...I love to drive him crazy.

So this weekend Hubs decides that he can't find anything in our pantry. To him it was a disorganized mess, to me it was marginally organized chaos. I knew the general area of where something should be and usually found what I was looking for no problem. So Hubs decided to clean out the pantry and organize it.

He brought in the big garage trashcan and got to work. He organized, sorted and every now and then asked me a question. We decided that we could probably give all the baby food away since we don't use it anymore. We (notice how I count my comments from the recliner as help)tossed out two big bags of old food, stale chips and whatever else he saw.

In the process he found my most favorite chocolate bar ever. It's called a Geisha and I can only get it when someone brings it back from Finland for me. It had gotten lost somewhere in the land of macaroni and cheese. So for me, the entire process was now worth it.

The only problem was the best before date was past. Oh what to do, what to do. Well I decided to go ahead and keep it. It is chocolate after all and it's my most favorite chocolate bar ever and no one is going to Finland anytime soon to bring me back some more. So it got put back into the now half empty and very organized pantry where it wouldn't be lost again.

But it didn't stay there, instead my Geisha bar started to call my name, begging me to come and open it and see if it had gone white yet. Because once it had then even I would have tossed it out. So I opened it. And it wasn't all white looking. I still had hope. Would the hazelnut filling still be good? I decided to try it and see. And just as fast I took a bite, I spit it out. The hazelnut filling was old. So I had no choice but to face the fact that my last Geisha bar was most definitely past it prime. I'm so sad, my surprise find was not worth eating and even more humbling than that is that now I must tell Hubs that yes he is right, I really should be more aware of the best before date.

I can hear him laughing now.