Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Trails

The kids and I went out for a walk this morning. Only they specifically asked if we could go somewhere with a path or a trail. I agree but am thinking to myself "Where in the world do they come up with these things". So we went for a little walk along in an area I've been meaning to take them to for a while now. I was just waiting for it to cool down enough so the chiggers wouldn't be so bad. They were very excited to be able to walk through the wooded areas along the trails.

They were super excited to find a tree with a tree trunk that was hollow enough for them take turns hiding in.

They liked being able to walk across the bridge and being up high.But there all time favorite was dropping rocks into the water from way up high and hearing them splash into the water.

They spent a long time trying to decide who made the biggest splashes with their rocks. I think they decided it was a tie.
And now they are happily back home playing with one of the many sticks that somehow ended up in the van. You have to love it when the stars align just right for a nice morning out.


nicole said...

Looks and sounds like a more peaceful morning than we had! It has been a gorgeous day.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a perfect morning! Great pictures!

Kellan said...

That was a good morning and cute pictures. Maybe Dora - maybe that's where they got the trail thing from. Who knows? Take care.

Mommy said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day. Simple things bring the most pleasure. :) Thanks for comment on my blog.

Aunt Rhonda said...

I am so glad the kids had such a good time exploring. They are getting way to big. That was a beautiful area for a walk.