Saturday, August 15, 2009

A play write conversation overheard

I'm always surprised at what my kids come up with. This one still has me laughing days later so I thought I'd share.

Main Characters: Mom, Hoss and Pappy who was visiting us.

Scene: The staircase, lots of noise and activity especially around the staircase with younger sisters running up and down.

Mom- You kids quit running up and down the stairs and screaming your going to hurt yourselves or someone else. (This is said as Pappy is trying to make his way up the stairs)

Girls- ignoring mom, continue to run up the stairs making as much noise as possible.

Hoss- (squeezing himself as flat as he can against the wall of the stairs as Pappy tries to go up the stairs) Looks at his Pappy and says "Go Ahead, Old Man"

Mom and Pappy start laughing and scene fades.

Disclaimer- I know where he gets it from and it's me. It's what I tell the old people who are driving to slow in front of me or who are just annoying me. I haven't figured out yet if Hoss was annoyed with Pappy yet for being so slow on the stairs or not.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun and Busy Days

We have had a couple of fun and busy days this week and I've been way to lazy to post about any of it until now. Which makes perfect sense, because I'm very tired and it's already past my bedtime. So now is the perfect time for me to blog right?

Anyway, we met some friends this week at a small water park on Thursday. I had my kids plus two friends. And we met some other friends and moms there as well. We packed our lunches and ice chests full and set the children free. The big kids were off and going while the little ones stayed close to us in the kiddie area. This water park is small enough for me to be comfortable with the big kids going off and yet still big enough (for now) that they aren't bored by it. And for only five dollars, it can't be beat. I took a few pictures with my phone camera but they didn't really turn out that good. So if you want to see pictures of our fun day then you will have to visit Courtney's blog post about our day.

Today, Z. went to a sixth grade roundup at the middle school. I was not allowed to take my camera to this so have no pictures. Not that I was there for that long. They pretty much told us parents to leave the kids in the good hands of middle school teens to show them around. So all us parents left our children there to fend for themselves with the help of the older students. They all seemed to have survived the lockers and were given lunch as well. Just one more milestone which seems to be passing way to fast before my eyes when it comes to my kids growing up.

And then tonight we went to a swimming birthday party for one of our friends little girl's. It was fun but I'm worn out now. I'm tired of swimming for the time being. But my children aren't so I'm sure we will swim some more before school starts. So that's what's been going on here lately. Hopefully I'll have more pictures next time.