Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What Duck?

The other night at bedtime was a hard thing for K. to handle. She just couldn't get to sleep. She has discovered that a certain spot on her floor creaks a bit when she walks on it (but only when she walks on it). She kept coming out to tell her daddy that she couldn't sleep because her floor kept going Quack Quack. No matter how he tried, she didn't believe it was just her floor and it wouldn't quack if she stayed in bed. She kept looking for that duck until she was just to tired to look anymore.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Budding Artist

A. is a budding artist. She loves to make things, whether it's crafts or just coloring. She is your typical two year old. This morning she was feeling very artistic. She found some stickers and decided to decorate herself with as many of them as she could. Unfortunately for mom, they weren't really stickers. Instead she had found my roll of forever stamps and had pulled them all off the roll and covered herself with them. I think she had enough postage on her to make it to China and back. Mom was not very happy and I did try to salvage as many of my stamps as I could. It wasn't very many.

After that I went upstairs to start gathering the laundry. It was then that I noticed her newest creation. It was a lovely red shade all over the wall in the game room. I thought it was just in the two spots that I found. When I scolded A. for coloring the walls, she them proudly proceeded to show me all her other artwork. There were four lovely A. originals, all on my walls. I don't know when she did these but it had to have been this weekend some time.

I guess she just wanted to draw me a beautiful Mothers Day card. At least that is what I'm telling myself otherwise I'm likely to let her re stamp herself and I'll drop her off in the mail and let her make it to China. I guess it's all in a day's work for a budding artist.