Thursday, April 24, 2008

7 Random things about me

I saw Lauren did this over at Baseball & Bows and since by doing this, it saves me from thinking of something new to write about I decided to do it. Not to mention it's always fun to share some of my strange quirks with ya'll.

1. I prefer to drink my coffee from one particular cup. If by chance I can't because my dad is in town and he always grabs my preferred cup than I have a second favorite cup. If that one is gone than no matter how much I try, my coffee experience is just not the same that morning.

2. I get completely crazy and anal and run around like a crazy woman if the toilet paper is not in the right direction for me. (the paper must come over the top for me to stay sane)

3. I can not do puzzles to save my life. Even some of the kids puzzles can be a bit challenging for me. Hubs family loves puzzles so I'm always odd man out when we go to his house and they all sit around putting those little pieces together. (Really, I don't understand the point of it... your just going to destroy it after your done)

4. I'm the worst person in the world about getting cards, presents, etc. into the mail on time for a birthday or holiday. I think my family has gotten used to my lateness and hopefully they don't take it personally. In return, I never expect a card or present to arrive for me until at least a week after the event.

5. When I park the car, the steering wheel must always be in a straightened out position. It makes it easier for me to back out next time I get in the car. Hubs will always tend to turn the wheel one direction or another when he parks so that I have very nearly taken out the garage door a time or two.

6. I am the worst morning mom you have probably ever met. I don't cook real breakfasts for the kids until after I have had two cups of coffee and even then it usually only happens on the weekends. During the week, my kids live off of cereal,waffles, bagels and cereal bars.

7. I love Snickers candy bars. If my kids ever get them for Halloween or in party goody bags then I will almost always eat them.

So there you have some more of my weird issues out there for all the world to see. If you decide to share some things about you, then let me know so I won't feel all alone.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beware the Dead Battery

Normally I am very anal about charging my cell phone. But the last few days I haven't been able to find my phone charger so I haven't charged it. Today I started to get those little annoying beeps, you know the ones. They remind you about every ten seconds that your phone is about to die. It's so annoying that by the time the phone does die your actually quite happy about it. Because that means that those annoying little beeps finally stop.

This morning I knew I had two missed calls from my mom on my phone. I just kept thinking I'll call her right back. But then I had to run out and do some errands and grocery shopping. And the car is where I do most of my talking it seems. By the time I was in the frozen food section at the store my phone was on it's last beep. It's then that it somehow dredged up enough energy to ring again. And yes it was mom, again. I knew this without even taking the phone out of my purse. I'm physic like that (if it's an inconvenient time to answer the phone, it's guaranteed to be mom). So naturally I didn't answer it. That would have meant that I would have had to stop pushing the shopping cart and thus giving my kids an escape route from the big three seater basket I was pushing around for my cardio workout this morning. I also knew that the second I answered it, the phone would die... so why bother. I'll call her back when I get home I thought.

Now for most moms, they would just leave a message and not worry to much if the didn't get a call back right away. But I never said my mom was like most moms, did I? No, I was able to get home and finally locate the phone charger. All the while knowing the next call wasn't far off. And I was right. The phone rings and it's mom and she is very agitated and worried. What's wrong, where have you been, I couldn't reach you at all. So I explained about the battery and she finally settled down.

I guess I need to keep my battery charged from now on. If for no other reason than to save me from the six missed calls in less than four hours and the grief I get afterward from it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Flowers Sheds and Snakes...Oh My

We have been busy the past few days. We now have lots of flowers planted in the front flowerbed. Hubs is putting the finishing touches on the shed as I type. And we have discovered that being this close to the lake means the snakes like to visit our yard. So far I haven't actually seen them, only Hubs. I'm not sure if it's just the harmless garden snake or not. I know that they had problems last summer with water moccasins so I hope it's not them slithering in my yard. Should be interesting if the dog finds one, she plays with anything that moves and would just love to have a snake I'm sure. As for me, I would just as soon figure out a way to keep them out of the backyard.