Friday, April 20, 2007

Difference between moms and dads

We all know that there is a huge difference between moms and dads. Not only in how we do things with our children but also in how we perceive things. The way a mom changes a diaper is completely different from a dad's way but the smelly thing is always disposed of eventually. Our kids tend to be a bit tougher when dad is around instead of mom, and mom's are completely happy letting their son's play with dolls. Dad's however see this and immediately start to worry and send us mom's off to verify our child is normal in "The Manual" they give you when you leave the hospital. ( In case your wondering, no we didn't get a manual we got the "What to expect the first year book"). Dad's have this same reaction when they see their little boys show off their pretty toe nail polish at the same time as their sisters. Dad's just can't grasp that it's harmless and involves a lot less screaming for Mom if they go ahead and paint their sons toes as well as their daughters.

But recently I discovered that dads have a different view on baby pictures as well. If you were to ask any mom what they thought about a picture of a small bare bottomed, newborn baby with either wings or a big pretty bow on it, the answer would be that it was sweet and precious. Moms would totally get this concept of babies being a gift from God. Dad's are different, they look at the picture and ask why is the baby naked and what the heck did they put on them? Then if by chance they discover how much you spent on these pictures their jaws drop to the ground and their bodies would soon follow. Meanwhile mom's just know that these pictures are priceless, so we step over our clueless husband as they lie on the ground . So for all of us mom's of boys out there who let them play with dolls and paint their toes, I say "don't worry about it". After all I'm sure our husbands had pink polish on at one time or another, there just isn't any evidence of it in photographs like there is nowadays. In the meantime we can continue to try and explain to dad's why it is important to have both a salad fork and a regular fork when you sit down to eat. But I doubt they'd get it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cool Digital Frame

5 Minutes For Mom is having yet another contest and I want to win this one. Go check out Phillips and see if it's something you'd like also.

Great Poem

I just read the best poem about motherhood written by Corrie over at One Gal's Life in the Raw. If you get a chance then go read it. You'll really enjoy it.

Road to Recovery

We made it! We have survived another round of three out of four kids being sick at the same time. There were definite moments where I wondered to my self, will I survive this one all in one piece. And the answer is yes. I thought we were over worst of it yesterday but then the fatigue set in and all the little ones wanted to do was sleep and be held. So I let them and tried to reclaim my home which had been declared a natural disaster area by the governor. Pretty sad when you actually lose track of what day it is but my third grader reminded me and put me back into reality. Today I'm hoping to actually get out of the house for more than five minutes and enjoy the weather.

So here's to better health for my family and yours.