Thursday, April 19, 2007

Road to Recovery

We made it! We have survived another round of three out of four kids being sick at the same time. There were definite moments where I wondered to my self, will I survive this one all in one piece. And the answer is yes. I thought we were over worst of it yesterday but then the fatigue set in and all the little ones wanted to do was sleep and be held. So I let them and tried to reclaim my home which had been declared a natural disaster area by the governor. Pretty sad when you actually lose track of what day it is but my third grader reminded me and put me back into reality. Today I'm hoping to actually get out of the house for more than five minutes and enjoy the weather.

So here's to better health for my family and yours.



4andcounting said...

I thought you or the kids might be sick. I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully this will be the last round until next winter. Hope y'all are having a better day.

Corrie said...

I hate when this happens. My kids were all sick last this weekend HAS to be better than that! Ha ha.