Friday, April 13, 2007

The peaceful shower

For those of you with young children, I know you'll appreciate this. I never and I do mean never get to take an uninterrupted shower. With four children it just doesn't happen. Granted my oldest son never bothers me anymore but when he was younger he did his fair share. My children can tell the moment I step into the water and that is when they come running for one reason or another. My husband says "lock the door" but that won't work either. Because then you have three young children in tears crying and your dripping wet so you can't console them. So this morning as I stepped into the shower I waited...and I waited. And nothing, no kids coming in and out to check on me. Nobody needing to brush their teeth at that exact moment, no tattling on each other and most of all no crying. So I did what any unsuspecting mom would do. I enjoyed my uninterrupted time and got dressed. In record time I might add since I didn't have any interruptions. But I began to wonder what could possibly keep three children occupied for such a long time without needing mom's intervention. That's when the sinking feeling in my stomach began. So off I went in search of them.

My first clue was the trail of toilet paper my baby had drug through the house with her. Truly this is her favorite pastime so nothing new here, but this time it was wet. So I proceed to the other bathroom where I find that my 4 year old son and his 2 year old sister had been washing their cars. When I left them they were racing around the floor together so I guess they just got dirty and needed cleaning up. So they stopped up the sink and put the water on full blast. They did eventually turn the water off once it started to spill onto the counter. And in fairness they did try to clean it up as evidenced by the soggy box of Kleenex and roll of toilet paper everywhere. But it was an absolute mess, except for their cars , which were spotless. So this is where I am supposed to say kids will be kids and no I didn't get upset. But that's not really what happened so I won't even try. I will say that my house is back in order now and I desperately need to go and buy some more toilet paper and Kleenex. And next time I am having an uninterrupted shower I won't be so trusting of their good behaviour. It's a shame really, that the calming relaxing effect of my shower didn't last long enough for me to enjoy.


Corrie said...

I can relate all too well!
Better luck next time!

4andcounting said...

We missed you at playgroup today (wednesday). I hope everyone is well.