Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How time flies

My baby turned one this weekend. It just seems like yesterday that I was holding her for the first time. She was so tiny and perfect and barely weighed anything at all it seemed. When I held her close she didn't take up my entire lap. Now fast forward a year and what do I see. I see my perfect little baby smiling and laughing at the drop of a hat. She has such a happy disposition and seldom cries. Now when she lies on my lap her legs hang over and she kicks them up and down for fun. When I set her down to play she is off like lightning crawling and exploring new ways to get into trouble. I can't tell you how many rolls of toilet paper she has unraveled and crawled through the house with. Every time I catch her in the act she just laughs with joy and looks so proud of herself. It's amazing how much a baby can change in that first year. It seems like life will stay this way forever, and then in a blink of an eye they seem to have grown up on us overnight. It just reminds me that life is short and precious and I really need to stop and enjoy all the little blessing my children provide me throughout the day. Time does seem to fly by when you least expect it and I know I will miss these days I have now, just as much as I already miss the days of her being my baby.

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4andcounting said...

I can't believe it! I am still wondering what happened to my baby. I'm beginning to get those feelings for another baby. Strange how that happens. :)