Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rhyme Time

I remember when I was little I heard the following rhyme, poem, limerick or whatever it is...I really don't know, but anyways I digress. The poem went like this

Fishy Fishy in the brook
come and get on daddy's hook
mommy fries it in the pan
baby eats it like a man

So since I have nothing better to do than think of ridiculous rhymes in my head I decided to come up with my own version.

Dishy Dishy in the sink
There are so many I can't think
Mommy decides to turn her head
And let daddy do them instead.

Or if that's to simple for you how about this one.

Whining crying kids at home
are guaranteed while I'm on the phone
Lock the door, throw away the key
mommy wants privacy while she pees.

So what do you think? Now you all know one of my dark little quirks. I love to make silly, nonsense type rhymes to drive the ones I love crazy. Maybe I should start working on one for Father's Day. Have any ideas, then please share.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

He's Safe!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

True Colors

Most the time I am able to keep my frustrated emotions hidden from people when it comes to my children. But I must say, there are some days when it is just impossible to do. Take for example last Saturday. We had been out running around between every sporting event you can imagine. And so naturally great mom that I am, I decided to take all the kids over to my friends house so they can hang out and play with all their friends. It had nothing to do with the fact that I desperately needed to be able and sit and visit with my friend as well. No, I am going to say it was entirely for the children. But if you think differently, then I can't really say your wrong. After all misery loves company and that Saturday was miserable. Naturally I had to share my misery with my friend and she of course had to share hers.

So now you have the setting, two cranky miserable moms venting with each other. Add to that mix ten children (no they weren't all ours, we picked up a few extra from the neighborhood) and one trampoline and one play set. Toss them all around like you would a salad and this is what you get.

Three bloody noses (none of which either mom inflicted), two band aids, a dirty diaper (again not mom's) and one mom (namely me) being tackled and knocked on my bottom by Hoss as he leaped out of the trampoline. This in turn led me to my finest mom of the year moment losing my temper in front of everyone (even an extra adult who happened to pop in and check on their children). Yes, my true colors showed for a few minutes and then I felt really bad for it. (At least until I saw the grass stains on my bottom) I did calm down and felt immediately better to be surrounded by such great friends that they started teasing and mocking me falling on my butt. At least until one of theirs made them lose their tempers and they showed their true colors. Like I said, misery loves company and we were all at my friends house last Saturday. It's really a good thing that we do all know our true colors or else we would probably never want to play with any of us again.