Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Under the Big Top Gymnastics "meet"

K. begged to be allowed to do gymnastics. So we finally started her in it about 3 months ago. She loves it and seems to be taking to it pretty well. She jumps around enough and is always dangling from monkey bars so I guess it's right up her alley. They had an exhibition show for the families to come watch what the girls have learned in gymnastics. They called it a gymnastics meet but there was no scoring and no pressure. It's main purpose was to get these girls used to performing in front of people. K. is not shy so I didn't think it would be much of a problem but normally if any of my kids are put in front of a crowd they just stand there. So it was any one's guess how this would turn out.

The theme was "Under the Big Top" and they had the girls come out with big red clown noses on. K. did not like this and to me she looked like she wanted to crawl under a rock. Can't say I really blame her much there. She took that silly nose off as fast as she could.

She went on to do some "stuff" on the floor. Don't know what that move is technically called, backbreaker maybe, so I'm just saying "stuff".

I told her I could do this also but that I just didn't feel like showing her right then. Don't know if she bought it or not but at one time in my life I could do this.

She went on to the trampoline, the vault and the bars.

Then she went on to the balance beam. She did pretty good on that, I was impressed. I did not tell her I could do that.

I wasn't as cool as some of the other parents in that I didn't bring her flowers at the end of the meet. (Isn't that only for ballerina's anyway). But I did get a few extra pictures of K. posing on the beam for me. So as far as I'm concerned it's all good.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had Thanksgiving at our house this year. Since my parents moved here we have yet to have it at their house. It just seems to work better here in keeping the kids out of our hair while we finish all the cooking. And of course once the napping starts it is much easier to send them off to play video games or something else quiet if they are at our house.

Mom and Dad arrived early Thursday morning with Z. and A. who had been having sleep overs. And then Mom and I finished up with the last of the cooking. Z. had made homemade chocolate pie at Grandmama's house while she made the pumpkin and pecan pies. He also made deviled eggs for us. He did a great job with both. I've never even made a chocolate pie from scratch so I was very impressed with his.

A before picture of the crime scene. The kids always get so excited when I break out the china and crystal. They love getting to eat at the fancy table.

We got everything and everyone settled and then I remembered my camera. I put it up on the tripod and was going to get a group shot of us no matter what. Preferably before we all looked bloated and stuffed.

So we gathered around the table and said a prayer of Thanksgiving. We are truly so blessed. We remembered those we love both near and far. Then we started to serve the food buffet style. But then I remembered we didn't have our group picture yet. So I told everyone they couldn't touch a bite of their food until I got a picture. I thought I was going to have a mutiny on my hands and as such only was able to get two pictures of everyone.

The kids were grumbling about their food getting cold and wanting pie. They didn't seem to get it when I told them the pie was cold and they always ate so slow their food got cold anyways. But I took the hint and had pity on my parents and Hubs and let them eat their hot food.

As we sat down and ate, the kids all mentioned something they were thankful for. Such simple things for the most part and a very lighthearted conversation. Until Grandmama of course. After her twenty minute dialog of all that she is thankful for we teased her mercilessly and continued eating. Hubs were particularly thankful for his 3 car garage this year since he mentioned it during his turn. I'll have to write more about that later.

So we finished up with to much pie and a long afternoon of naps and football. Pretty much standard Thanksgiving tradition around any household I'm sure.

Another tooth lost

K. lost another tooth on Wed. so she now has a huge gap with both her front tooth and bottom tooth missing. No whistling and eating corn for her for a while. Not that she eats corn anyways. But with her other front tooth very loose, there is no telling what her smile will look like at Christmas.