Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sounds that make me smile

Sometimes there are certain sounds that make me smile. They aren't the ususal sounds you would expect like children laughing or birds singing. Don't get me wrong I like these sounds very much but there are other sounds that I really like. I really don't like the wind but I do love the sound of a wind chime and have several of them in the back yard and even the front. But that really isn't even the sound that I'm thinking of that brings a smile to my face. It's the sound of sports that I am talking about. For whatever reason anytime I hear them they just give me a smile and a great sense of satisfaction. Even though it's not me causing these sounds. So I thought I would just list my favorite sounds of sports.

1. The smack of a baseball hitting the glove.
2. The crack of the bat connecting with the ball in that perfect spot.
3. The swish the basketball makes when it makes a basket.
4. The sound a golf club makes as it is slices through the air.
5. The sound of ice skates on the ice.
6. The sound the hockey stick makes when it hits the puck.
7. The sound the pins make when the bowling ball knocks them down.
8. The sound of football pads and helmets crashing together.
9. And throughout all these sounds is of course the cheer of the crowd.

And it's a good thing I enjoy the sound of sports. With two boys and a husband who like to watch sports all the time. I am always having to listen to these sounds. So just imagine the pain I would be in if I didn't like them.

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