Friday, July 13, 2007

My John Deere Boy

Hoss loves him a tractor. (There did I say that country enough) What I mean is that Hoss really loves tractors. Of any kind, but he really loves the green John Deere ones the best. He will spend hours playing with cars and tractors.

Well when we went to Missouri we reminded him that his Uncle Bill had a tractor. Imagine his joy when he realized that he would get to ride on the tractor again. That was all he could talk about. And naturally the first morning we were there he was up with the cows. (Yes they do own cows as well) He then went off in search of Uncle Bill to "help" him. This was after he put on his green tractor shirt. He wanted to be sure and be dressed for the part. Now since I am a good mom, I stayed inside with all the rest of the sleeping children to keep an eye on them (at least that's the story I'm sticking with). But my husband went out to watch Hoss with his uncle. It was then that I heard the tractor start up. So off I ran to get the camera and get it to my husband so he could grab some pictures of Hoss in his blissful state. Hoss was driving the tractor around, with his Uncle only there in case he needed help.

Then they decided that some hay that was waiting to be moved needed to be moved just at that moment. So Hoss moved the hay into the barn. After all the hard work they decided to just drive around a bit and check things out.

I can honestly say that this was probably the best part of the entire trip for Hoss. Who cares about playing with cousins, visiting with grandma or going to a dumb ol' wedding. It's all about tractors for Hoss.

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