Thursday, July 12, 2007

Swimmers Ear

My son Z. has swimmers ear. He is so heartbroken and embarrassingly enough so a I. He can't swim with his head underwater for at least a week. This means that we can't go hang out at the pool every afternoon like we have been doing. I really counted on this two hour excursion every day. It kept all the kids happy and content. It also had the extra benefit of wearing them out so that they would all go to bed just a bit easier. I love being at the pool so it's relaxing for me to. There always seems to be someone there to visit with. So now we are on a pool hiatus and everyone is stir crazy. I'm doing different indoor activities that we would normally do during swim time but it's alot harder on me and doesn't wear them out like swimming does. Guess it will just be a long week for all of us without swimming.

But onto good news, blogger is finally letting me post titles, comments and posts again. Yay for small things.


4andcounting said...

Can y'all at least play in a splash pool or sprinkler in the backyard? I know that might not be as much fun for Z., but it could wear out the younger ones. Why don't we talk and plan for you guys to come play next week?

Queen Of My Domain said...

He can play in the water he just can't go underwater. Which to him means why even bother. Give me a call and we can figure out what day would work.