Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Is It a Bad Thing if..

instead of just washing and changing the sheets and towels on your beds you just run to Target and buy some new ones? It really kind of defeats the purpose since I am so freaked out about unwashed brand new things that I won't be able to use them until they are washed. But once I finally do get around to finally washing them, then I'll be able to enjoy them. Now I just need to find some new laundry hampers for the kids rooms and new bathroom trash cans.

Just one more way to avoid doing laundry.


Christine said...

This is one thing I never run out of at my house is laundry. How I wish I could magically make it all disappear, or ALL be washed,folded and put away in ONE day!! I'm dreaming, I know, but a woman can dream can't she??

nicole said...

You are funny! I need to do loads of laundry too. And I never wash the sheets and towels as often as I should.

Kellan said...

Yes ... the lengths we will go to to avoid doing laundry. I have a post coming up on this very subject. I liked this little idea of yours - see ya.