Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some of my favorite Christmas Ornaments

I've seen some other bloggers out there posting about some of their favorite Christmas ornaments. And since I'm partial to a few of mine, I'd thought I share some of them. The sad thing is that there are a few of my most prized ornaments that didn't get put on the tree this year. With my youngest around and pulling on things I decided to give them a year off and they should hopefully make their return next year. So maybe next year I will get to show you those ones.

First off we have a favorite off all my children. It's one of Santa's face and he is always getting fought over who will get to hang him up on the tree. Whoever does do it always puts him front and center and then everyone knows that Santa is watching everything they do for the rest of the month. Some days it helps their behaviour and other days it doesn't.

I also have a fondness for snowmen. This is one of my favorite snowmen. He's a very simple snowman but I just really like him.

Now as a mom, I am always excited when the kids bring home ornaments that they have made at school. This year is the first year that Hoss got to bring home one and he is very proud of his Christmas wreath. I think it's pretty neat to.

This next one was made by Z. when he was in first grade I think. I truly love it. It's his hand print in white paint. But they didn't stop there, no, they added little touches to all his fingers to make them look like snowmen. How cute is that? I had to put this one up pretty high this year to keep it away from tiny hands.

Then of course having two boys, I have a Santa playing football that gets fought over. Poor Hoss never stands a chance against Z. in hanging this one. Z. practically smells it out before it's out of the decoration box and grabs it first. Z. has become all about football in any form. So yes, this is one of his favorites.

This last one is one I just found this year. It's a small wooden ornament of the Holy Family. I love this so much that I'm thinking that I will keep it out year round for us to enjoy. Originally I thought it was a small Holy Family statue, but when I picked it up I saw the hook and string to hang it from the tree with so I realized it was really an ornament.

But then I get to wondering if it would be sacrilegious to then put it back on the tree at Christmas time. After all if it's been in place of honor all year long would it really want to go back on the tree? Oh, how my mind works sometimes. Putting emotions into inanimate objects. Anyways, give me your opinion on that one would ya?


Texan in Carolina said...

OK Sis, I am gonna leave a comment cuz u would be so proud of little H. Last night we redecorated our x-mas tree in our new, temporary residence and of course H was the main decorator, and of course she wanted to see all the decorations so she put them all at the bottom of the tree, right in front. After she left the room I moved some of them around, not all, just the ones that were ornaments hanging on ornaments or hanging down and touching the ground. Well ur sister in law advised me today that H woke up this morning, looked at the tree and said "Thats not right!!!" and put all the ornaments back where she had originally placed them. Your laughing at me right now arent you? Love ya, your Bro 10

Queen of My Domain said...

That just cracks me up, yes I am laughing at you right now.!!

nicole said...

I love those ornaments, especially Hoss's. Usually the school ornaments that come home at that age are not so cute.

We have a holy family carved from a tree branch, but it is so heavy we keep it on the mantel. I think it is fine to put yours on the tree though. You might be overthinking this one a bit. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your ornaments! Would you believe that today my daughter brought home a red ornament that looks exactly like your son's fingerprint snowman ornament! They are SO CUTE! She wouldn't let me hang it on the big tree. She hung it on the tree in her room. My Favorite Boy would love your football Santa! Thanks for sharing your favorites!

ghee said...

I love your ornaments.I feel lazy to decorate for xmas this year,coz we are not gonna spend it here.

have a great weekend!

Genni @ Mother, may I snore? said...

AAAARRGGGHHH! Hope your snowman is still okay after I peeked at it. I have broken TWO of those. It's become a family joke about glass snowmen and me. And I broke them in bizarre ways, too. One incident involved the minivan. Don't ask. Merry Christmas!