Monday, December 10, 2007


Hubs and I are turning into some serious flaky people. We love flaky biscuits,flaky pie crusts, flaky pot pies, you get the idea. We never dreamed we would be flaky people. We always thought we were more consistent lovin' kinds of people. You know the soft, moist, spongy kind. You put something in the oven and your always guaranteed the same results over and over. That's not necessarily the case with something flaky. Some days it works out perfectly but other times there is just to much shortening to make it flake just right. But over the last year we have proved to ourselves and our families that yes, we are the most flakiest people they know. I guess flaky isn't always a bad thing. It can make for some delicious meals at least. It just really surprises us is all. Maybe we should join a meeting or something. We could stand up and introduce ourselves as Mr. and Mrs. Flaky. Do you think it would help?


Kellan said...

Cute post and I am with you on lovin' the flaky biscuits and pies, etc... nothing better in the world! Have a great day. Kellan

Sharon said...

Found you on wordless. I just ate pecan and banana cream just last night so I can't talk. Its the season. I plan to get a tread mill for Christmas so think I can get away with it. yeah right.

nicole said...

My dear friend, I think the packing is getting to you. ;-)