Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Circus Time

Hubs and I took the kids to the Shriner Circus last night. We packed the kids into the van and left for our forty-five minute drive of torture to Ft. Worth. Four kids in the van that long, knowing they are going to the circus, well I think my husband and I deserve medals for having patience on that drive. They were bouncing off the windows to say the least. But, I must admit we big kids were pretty excited about it also.

So we get to the venue an hour before it starts. Where we find out it's open seating. So now we are faced with the dilemma of do we continue on our original plan and go grab a bite to eat before the circus at a restaurant. Or do we go get super good seats and let the kids play on the bounce houses, pony rides, etc. and spend a million dollars on bad food. So for once in my life, I was wishing we could go to MacDonald's at the very least. But the kids begged and pleaded (which honestly didn't take much convincing for dad) and went inside to spend way to much money. I must say we were warned however. The old man in the ticket box told my husband flat out, "Oh, there is all kinds of crap in there for you to spend your money on." And I must say, he was right.

We spent forty dollars on 3 boxes of popcorn, 3 cokes, 2 orders of nachos and 2 day old "fresh pretzels". Oh how I was missing MacDonald's about now. But we did get great seats and the kids got to go down and bounce on the bounce houses and ride some of the rides. We were also lucky enough to spend way to much money on cotton candy and plastic light up toys.

But the circus itself was great. The acts were a lot of fun for the kids and us. I truly don't know what people are thinking when I see some of the stunts that they do. The clowns were cute and did a great job making the kids laugh. It wasn't the big Barnum and Bailey Circus I had seen before, but I thought it was actually a bit better than that one. And to top it all off, they stuck someone into the human cannonball and shot him out of it. The kids really liked that. And they keep going back and forth about what was their favorite act. So they enjoyed themselves and so did mom and dad. It was a great family night out, even with the day old "fresh pretzels".


Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun! We have never taken the kids to a circus, but I bet they would love it.

nicole said...

How fun! I have considered taking our kids to the circus, but am afraid they would be scared by the noise and commotion. And I would never tell them where we were going until we got there, but I'm mean like that. :)