Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nap Time dilemas

I don't know when it started exactly or why. But A. is having some serious napping/bed time issues. I'll lay her down and she will scream and cry for at least an hour or more if I let her. It truly has just gotten so frustrating for me. But it's even worse when my one and half year old doesn't get a nap. So just pray that we both get over our nap time/bedtime issues. Because obviously mom has some issues also otherwise this wouldn't frustrate me so much.


Anonymous said...

I hope it is better soon! I know how frustrating nap/sleep issues can be!

Kellan said...

I don't necessarily think you have issues - I think it can be very frustrating until you figure it out and you will - good luck - you will. See you soon, Kellan

nicole said...

You don't have issues--you have a toddler who needs to sleep! I would be beyond frustrated too. Maybe your routine needs to change--an earlier nap/bedtime might be called for in this situation. Good luck figuring it out.