Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Simple Plans

Since we aren't going anywhere for our Thanksgiving holiday and it will just be us at home, I get to be the cook. Not a big deal really. I've done the big meals before for just our family and they always turn out pretty good. But I decided that I wasn't going to go crazy cooking a ton of different dishes this year. Why should I when it is really just me and Hubs that eat the leftovers. So I bought a small turkey and plan on doing just a few sides. Nothing to big. But since my kids do love to eat in the dining room I am still planning on letting them use the good china and crystal ware (at least the big ones). I see no sense in saving it for when they get bigger. I don't get to use it enough as it is. And the kids feel very grown up when they get use the same plates as grown ups. I'm not saving the pumpkin pie either. Hubs and kids are welcome to cut a piece anytime they like. The sooner it's gone the better off my weight will be. So that's it for our simple plans, how about yours?

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nicole said...

So you didn't end up in Lubbock? Sounds like you will have a nice, peaceful day (well, as peaceful as any other day). We are spending the day in Arlington with Husband's family. I'm not expected to do much, which is nice. We'll eat, watch football, and play games. The kids can play safely and they get plenty of attention.
Hey--do you have any little boy bikes looking for a home? We want to get one for Buddy, but they are more expensive this year! We're hoping to find a steal from a friend. ;)