Friday, July 20, 2007

Long week for the family

I've had a very long week. I won't go into alot of details but my dad was put into the hospital on Monday. Originally we thought he would be there about a week and a half while they stabilized his heart rate and then would probably be putting in stints. It hasn't been that easy though. He is still unstable and now on a breathing tube. I will be gone alot the next few weeks since we have now been told that he won't be leaving the hospital for at least three to four weeks. So if you will just keep my dad in your prayers and the rest of family I would really appreciate it.


Kimbie said...

I'm so sorry! Your dad, you and your family are in my prayers. Please take care of yourself. You know where to find me if you need anything.

4andcounting said...

We will certainly pray for all of you. I can't imagine all the feelings you must have. I'm so not ready to confront the reality of my dad aging and having health issues in the future. Keep us informed.