Friday, September 21, 2007

And the Battle Rages on...and other random things

We are still fighting the battle of germs in our home right now. With half of us on medicine hopefully we will soon be healthy again. But Hoss is home from school again today so no telling how long it will last.

Last night at football practice the 4-5 year old flag football coach finally crossed the line. He is a habitual jerk toward other parents and even the kids on other teams that are practicing close to him. But last night he kept on throwing football passes that no 4 year old could catch and in process hit several different parents, this was because it was to much for him to ask them to please move. One mom who isn't exactly the forgiving type said hit me again and I'll call the police. Which she did the next time he threw a football at her. Truly what a waste. The police came out and eventually everyone moved around so no one would be hit by footballs anymore. Just makes me wonder why we have such fine examples of good sportsmanship teaching our youngest players. Yes, I'm very frustrated by such immature actions on everyone's part.

My poor children don't know why mom has turned so mean on them lately. I have finally stopped buying so much of the "junk" that they love to eat. You would think that I am torturing them or something. The thought of eating anything not processed is freaking them out. On my part, I think I have finally watched one to many programs on what all these processed foods is doing to us. Whether this will last, I can't tell you. But, it has been alot of fun trying to explain to them why the new peanut butter has all this oil floating on top of it. It's all fine and good until I try to drink a diet coke only to have them run up to me saying no mommy that's poison. Some "poisons" are harder for mom to give up I guess.

So that's it for my randomness of this post and thanks for staying awake this long if you have. Hope you have a happy weekend.


4andcounting said...

What kind of natural peanut butter are you buying? We switched to natural about a year ago. We buy Skippy. It does not have to be kept in the fridge and it does not get oily on top. My kids have never even noticed the difference, and neither have I. It only comes in the smaller containers, so I usually buy about 4 at a time. Wal-Mart, Target and Kroger all sell it.

I have tried to get us to eat more natural stuff too. Sometimes it goes well, other times not as much. It takes more work to prepare the snacks usually, but oh well. We did finish that bag of sliced apples by yesterday. ;)

Corrie said...

I really can't believe that the lady called the cops. That's crazy!
Enjoy your poison!

Kimbie said...

How juvenile!! I can't believe he kept hitting parents and the mom actually called the cops. That is the only thing I hate about kids sports, the dumb parents and coaches!
I hear ya on the healthy food issue. We are going through the same thing. Sean actually refused to eat dinner last night because it was all healthy food..LOL I swear if it's not prepackaged or full of garbage they think they will die. My kids have learned to deal with the oily peanut butter and I keep little baggies of veggies or sliced fruit in the fridge for quick snacks. Good luck, I feel for ya! Hope you all feel better soon.