Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover...what's that your wondering. Well it's the name of the drill that the elementary schools practice with the students in the event of bad weather. Which we had plenty of yesterday. Students duck under their desks and cover their heads until it is safe for them to get up again. When my oldest son finally arrived home from school yesterday he wanted to tell me all about the duck and covers they had to do throughout the day. The first one was pretty uneventful since it took place in his classroom and went exactly like all the drills they practice.

At the end of the day while waiting in the cafeteria to be picked up they had another alarm go off. He was separated from his friends that he car pools with. They were the lucky ones who went to the music room. Not my son, instead they directed him to duck and cover on the floor of the closet girls bathroom. Now for an almost nine year old boy, there could be no greater indignity. Having to duck and cover in the girls bathroom with a bunch of scared kindergartners really was to much for him. He informed me that they might as well have put him in the library with all it's many windows than put him in the girl's bathroom. He would gladly have suffered broken glass everywhere. After the alarm, my son made sure to inform all the teachers and any available adult that he really had no business being in the girl's bathroom. Some of the adults treated him as he had hoped with a little sympathy at having to lower himself to such levels and commiserated with him. Unfortunately for him, my husband and I found way to much humor in all of this so instead of the sympathy he was looking for he just found stifled laughter. My poor son, he really had it rough yesterday.

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