Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Pink Truck

K. has decided that she wants a pink truck. She is getting pretty darn adamant about it also. Not just any pink truck, she wants one of those big Power Wheels pink trucks that she can drive around outside with. She has been asking me for weeks now and I keep telling her no since they cost to much money and since Hoss has a truck that she can drive around. The only thing is that Hoss's truck isn't pink it's burgundy. So that means that it's not the right color.

She is now telling me that she will just have to ask Santa for one since it cost mommy and daddy to much money. (She is so considerate in thinking that way isn't she). So I have switched tactics telling her that we really don't have the space in the garage for another big truck like that to fit. She just smiles sweetly and says don't worry mommy, it will fit as long as you keep your van outside. She is now telling any one and everyone who will listen that she is going to get a pink truck from Santa...and it's only October. I have even stooped to showing her all the commercials for toys on TV as they gear up for the holidays. I'll try and convince her that this toy would be so much more fun for her than a truck but she just smiles sweetly and says she wants her very own pink truck to drive.

Truly, I knew we were going to have issues with who gets to drive what car and when but I really wasn't expecting it to happen while the kids were still in grade school. Instead now we are having issues of who gets to drive what Power Wheels and when and who gets to use the battery that is fully charged. These toys that give my kids so many hours of fun are truly starting to wear me out. As for whether or not she will get a new Pink Truck, I really don't know. I don't want to give up the extra space but once she starts to work on daddy, who knows what he will come home with. He is so easily swayed by his girls.


Anonymous said...

How cute is she!!! Looks like there is no talking her out of a pink truck. At least if she gets one there will be a truck for the boys and a truck for the girls..LOL Good luck!

Irritable Mother said...

Hmmmm, does she know for sure such a truck exists? I asked for a "Chrissy" doll like my neighbor had every year for Christmas. Never got it. My mom finally told me, "Maybe Santa doesn't make them anymore." That was enough for me. I didn't ask anymore. (And I choose to this day to trust my mom just couldn't find one of those dolls for me.)
Anyway, maybe it would be enough to suggest that Santa doesn't make pink trucks - unless she knows otherwise. *grin* Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

You may not want to know this, but Wal-Mart has those vehicles on sale, and some of them even have an extra $20 off! We just got my daughter the pink mustang convertible for her birthday. We would have gotten something cheaper if it hadn't been for the sale and coupon. But, she thinks convertibles are so neat, so she will be thrilled. We don't usually spend this much for birthday, but we got a Power Wheels for my son when he was three, so we are doing the same again. I realize that this is the opposite of your plan to not get one, but I thought I would pass on the info!