Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One room left

I am proud to say that we only have one room left with boxes. It's our office. But it's filled with boxes of things that I can't put away until we get some new shelves put up. I'm thinking I can actually have Hubs start hanging things on the wall this weekend. Then I can finally relax a bit. I truly hate having things in boxes and not in their right place. But since I had to have the majority of the house put back together for the cleaners, I had major incentive to get it all done. And now because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Elsa and her magic Dyson I can now enjoy a clean house tonight. Yay for almost being done with everything involved with unpacking. Yay for having my house Elsafied.

And I'm sure your saying yay that such a petty and non substantial post such as this is now over.


Beth said...

Good for you for having everything almost unpacked. I'm sure your house is starting to feel like a home now!

Heather said...

hooray! that's good news

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO, there is nothing better than unpacking that last box and hanging things on the walls. Congrats, hope you can settle in and relax now.