Thursday, April 3, 2008

Feeling the Love

There are many times where I feel like no one even realizes what it is that I do everyday. And that if I stopped doing it, no one would miss it all that much. Let's face it, children are very demanding and not good at thanking us for all that we do for them. They just expect clean clothes to be in their drawers and food to be in the pantry. Well at least mine do. They take everything they have for granted including us moms. So there are some days when I just feel a bit drained by all the requests that seem to be never ending. But then every now and then, one of them will surprise you with something and suddenly your lifted back up and all is right with the world.

When my oldest was gone for Spring Break he went out to a ceramic shop and made something. I knew he had gone and had fun but just assumed he had made something cool for him like he had done the time before. Well, he hadn't, instead he made something for me. I don't know what made him decide to do this. It's not my birthday or Mother's Day or anything like that. I guess I will just assume that he was missing me a bit that day and if I'm wrong then please don't tell me. So after he returned home he came downstairs and said "Mom, I've got something for you". I just assumed it was trash or laundry and was completely surprised when he handed me a bag. Inside was this lovely vase he had picked out and painted for me. It has flowers all around it and says MOM with little hearts next to it. I immediately grabbed him and gave him a big hug and put it where I will see it everyday. It's there to remind me how much my children do love me, even if they aren't always bearing gifts to show it. I love my new vase!

And I know it's sideways but for whatever reason I am having a hard time fixing that right now so just tilt your head a bit and you'll see it.


V said...

Thanks for your blog comment. Missed you at the getBossytogether. I can tell by the metal picture we're in the same neck of the woods.

Am I doing okay?

nicole said...

That is so cute! What a sweet boy. Amazing how God puts these moments in our life right when we need them.

Kellan said...

Beautiful vase - how nice he made it for you!!

It made me laugh that it was sideways - tee hee!

Have a good weekend - see you soon. Kellan

Don Mills Diva said...

It's absolutely beautiful! Things like that really make it all worthwhile don't they?

Anonymous said...

How sweet! I know you will treasure that!

Anonymous said...

How sweet and what a perfect reminder of how much you are loved and appreciated. He did a wonderful job, what a beautiful vase.

Heather said...

That is the best gift ever!!! Especially when there's no "reason" behind it! Soak it up and love it! A great job done too!!