Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random bits and things.

It's seems like there are so many things taking up the hours of my days lately. Not just the kids but all the running around. Then I still have to do all the laundry that never seems to end and let's not forget about those dishes. I can't bear to think about them.

I have had these last four boxes just sitting in my dining room. I intentionally left them there because I knew they would drive me crazy looking at them until they were unpacked. Instead, they seem to have became part of the furniture in the room. They don't exactly match my formal dining room or my china and crystal ware, but still they remained. So I finally opened them up to unpack them and was able to get throughtwo of them without a problem. It's those last two that are still sitting there that I don't know what to do with. It's funny how I just don't have the right place to put these items. They are more of decorations than anything else but I still can't find the right place. So still they sit in my dining room.

The same thing seems to be happening with all the window treatments. They have sat in the office waiting to be hung for two months now. And finally today I washed them and ironed them and got ready to hang them. It's then that I realized the new windows are much to big for the old treatments. So that means I must now go shopping for new ones. Not really a big deal for the boys room but the girls rooms had some really cute ones that I'm hoping to find extra off. But in the meantime they will just have to go without for a while longer. I don't think they really noticed at all so it's not to much of a big deal.

And I must also admit that I've been spending a bit more time reading than blogging lately. But I can't really feel to bad for that. I feel like it's been ages since I had time to read and am enjoying it. So that's where I've been for the last few days. Nothing big or fun or important going on that's even all that exciting or worth mentioning. So that makes it a bit harder for me to come up with anything worthwhile to write about.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, spending more time reading than blogging. I am looking forward to it getting warmer so I can find time to read while the kids are playing. I hear ya about the last 2 boxes. I finally decided that if they had stayed packed long enough, they could just be Good luck, hope the stuff finds a perfect spot soon. Have fun shopping for window treatments.

Kellan said...

I often do this sort of thing - leave one or two boxes unpacked and then never seem to be able to get to those boxes - what's up with that?!

I think it's good you are reading. I've been reading blogs lately where the people have admitted to not reading at all anymore because of blogging - good for you.

Take care and have a good evening - Kellan

Anonymous said...

That happens to me so often. I get almost done with a big job and then leave the last bit hanging. I am glad to know it happens to others as well!

I hope you will be able to find some new window treatments you like!

nicole said...

What are you reading?