Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shoes shoes shoes

How is it that I am the only person in our family that knows anything about shoes? No, I don't mean what style is all the rage now or what pair would look best with what outfit. No, what I mean is that I am the only person in our family who knows where to find the lost shoes that have disappeared around the house. Could it also be because I am also the only person who puts shoes in the closet where **gasp** they belong. I counted out the pairs of shoes that were in our living room alone the other day. Now of course we have six people in our family, but really having fourteen pairs of shoes strewn about one room is really to much. And don't even get me wondering where all the mismatched socks are. My children come straight to me these days when it's time to get their shoes on. My observations skills are such that I can usually tell them what room I last saw the missing shoes in. This is generally followed by the ignored comment of put your shoes in the closet and then you will know where they are. Funny thing is, Z. actually gets mad when the shoes are put in his closet because he can't find them. He will look all over the house and get all upset and never once consider looking in the closet. Am I sure this child belongs to me? No, I think he belongs to dad, whose shoes are also all over the house.

Last night a friend and her son went to watch a baseball game with us. it was late when we got home and the kids had taken their shoes off in the van. We had to look all over the van for her son's missing shoe and we located it. Then this morning I got a call from my friend "Have you seen my son's shoe?" I can't find it in the house and am wondering if he put the other one back in your van. I looked and still didn't find his shoe. But I know for a fact that this child does not belong to me so how come I'm getting calls about his shoes in a different house. But not to worry, because if he can't find his shoe I'm sure he can use on of my son's shoes which has been left over at his house. They might not match but by gosh there will be two shoes on those feet.


suz said...

thanks for stopping by my little world.
I agree with you 100%. This is SO funny and just like my house.
I find shoes everywhere. They can never find them and I tell them to look in the closet...where they are SUPPOSED TO BE!!! If they find them's because I put them there! Makes me crazy.
I posted on this subject a while ago.
take care

Anonymous said...

So funny. As I just walked to the computer, I noticed all the shoes all over our house. That made me appreciate this post even more!

Kellan said...

I did a post on this very thing (I haven't published it yet) - there are lots of shoes in my house too and I am the only one ever putting them away.

Thanks for coming by today and leaving the nice comment - you are and have always been such a good friend - I am lucky to have have found you. Take care - Kelaln

nicole said...

It is definitely a part of our job as moms to know where shoes are. And just about anything else they need. I don't know that it is a marketable skill, but our families sure couldn't function without it.

CanCan said...

It must be your super power.

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I hope you can come!

Kellan said...

Hey girl - hope you are having a good day. Have a good weekend too - see you - Kellan

Heather said...

LOL!!! That's so funny!

anniep said...

We have a pile of shoes in the corner of our living room by the kitchen door. This is usually where I go to find the boys' missing shoes when they are not in their closets WHERE THEY BELONG. I am including my husband in this group of messy boys. He is almost 40 and you'd think that he would have learned to take responsibilty for his belongings by now. On the other hand, if he hasn't done it by now, I guess he never will. Very funny observations- thanks for sharing!