Monday, July 21, 2008

To Clip or Not

I've been going back and forth about clipping coupons. I'm sure we have all been there at some point or another. But this time it was brought on by my friend sending me to the grocery game. They tell you how to get all sorts of free stuff just by clipping coupons and being a savy shopper. And well I tend to be of the mind set of "if it's free, then it's for me". So I thought I would try it out. The only problem is that it is still a lot of stinkin' work just to save what looks like a few dollars here and there. I went to the grocery store today and well let's just say that I still have a headache. Was all that actually worth the five dollars in savings that I had. I honestly don't think any headache is worth this unless you start to enter into the thousands of dollars. But at least I can say that yes I did try it. And FYI, for the future if I'm using coupons, I think I'll just buy generic instead.


nicole said...

I go back and forth too. When I look through the coupons I just don't see a lot for things I buy. We don't buy a ton of stuff that comes in boxes, which is what most coupons seem to be for. I don't buy cleaners at the store since I use Melaleuca. I used two coupons last week. I still saved big just buying store specials.

Tina of MyGoodFinds said...

I get frustrated when I clip the coupons and then realize that I forgot to use them because I was distracted by something while paying at the cashiers. I do keep some coupons that are really worth something like 40% at Michael's but throw away the ones that "drive" you to buy 2 to save $1.50 but spend $12 on something that we don't use as much.

The useful coupons are online like for free shipping, so I try to search for a coupon first.

We buy most of our stuff from Costco anyway and we get 2% back. We don't really use a whole lot of boxed processed food which are highly marketed.