Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Spring Break

We are on spring break this week. I have high hopes for everyone getting and staying healthy this week. So far it looks like it may actually happen. Z. is fine and at baseball camp this week every morning. Hoss and K. and A. are all better and for the most part seem to be better as well. So that leaves me to plan a few things to do this week. I'm planning but it's a bit hard to do the long all day activities when I have Z. at camp until noon. After being physical and on the go all morning he does get a bit tired. But I'm sure I can get him to go on an extra long all day outing if it were worth his while.

So that leaves me with a lot of free mornings to fill this week. And what seems to be filling it? One of my all time favorite TV shows as a child. My son Hoss has discovered Little House on the Prarie. He likes it because of the horses. I just like it. I can honestly say I've seen every episode ever made. And I can name and place every episode within 60 seconds of sitting down to watch it. I was a bit obsessed as child I think. But I can't deny that I still love this show. Who knows, if I'm lucky I'll get to watch it more than once this week on spring break. It is my kids putting it on to watch, not me. And I will indulge them on this one.


nicole said...

I'm so glad y'all are healthy! Maybe we can get together one morning or afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I was obsessed as well. I had to be home at 3:00 EVERY DAY to watch it. I almost drove my mother crazy. Of course, that was before VCRs and TiVo. I have been asking for all the seasons on DVD as gifts. I hope my kids will enjoy watching them with me. Maybe we'll try them out this summer!

Heather said...

Hope you enjoy your week! :)