Friday, May 1, 2009

Being Lazy

I feel lazy. I have been lazy in my blogging. I have been lazy in my walking. I have been lazy in my cleaning. And I've been lazy in my flower beds. By now I've already got new things planted. And it's not that I'm not busy doing things that take a lot of time, it's just that I've been lazy in delegating other things as well. So blame it on all the rain we've been having. So here I am on a Friday morning probably enjoying my last day with all the kids in school (I'm convinced schools will close here soon due to the Swine Flu paranoia). And guess what I'm feeling lazy. I need to go buy groceries so that will probably get done. But I'm reading this book right now which seems to be taking up a bit more time than it should and so I have a feeling that I'll continue to be a bit lazy a little longer.


nicole said...

What are you reading? You have to say what book it is when you talk about it! I can't believe the schools closed. I"m so frustrated.

Queen of My Domain said...

Sorry Nicole I should have said. It's Dan Browns's Angels and Demons. Very interesting if a bit far fetched at times. I did like it though. The ironic thing about the schools closing is that the boys are home but K. preschool follows the Lake Dallas isd so they are still in session.

nicole said...

I have read Angels and Demons. Very entertaining.