Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweating at Six Flags

Every summer we try to go at least once to Six Flags. This summer we did it when my brother was in town. So we knew that we would be at least 11 of us going. But then my cousin Sandy and her family decided to join us as well as long as my cousin Sally's son. So we ended up with a grand total of 16 of us going to Six Flags.

We planned to get up early and be there by the time the gates opened and stay as long as we wanted. It was a very hot day and we knew we were going to be drinking lots. We planned on having a picnic lunch outside the park so we wouldn't spend a fortune on food. That worked out well since we got to sit in the shade trees and visit a bit more. Some ducks came up to us and were very aggressive in getting our food. The kids liked them until one of them got bit, then they were a little more careful.

I had to laugh because it's been a while since we saw my cousin and her family. My favourite quote of the entire day was when Sandra told us her nephew Johnny saw us all walking up to them and said "We're related to white People, how is this possible?" But once she explained how it was possible I guess it was all good.

Everyone rode the rides, even Grandmama and Pappy got in on a little action.

I was forced to ride a few roller coasters this year since I no longer had the excuse of having to stay with the baby in the stroller. I really miss those days. But for the most part, it wasn't to bad.

The big boys were able to go and do rides together and Scott, Stacey and James tried to be manly and hang with the kids. I don't think Scott and Stacey were quite as manly as James in that department though.

We got lots of pictures of us looking hot and tired and very sweaty.

My kids even got in a quick picture with Scooby but Hannah wouldn't go near that character figure to save her life.

I still don't think she goes to see Santa Claus either so I wasn't all that surprised. But it was fun to get to be all together again and see Sandra and James and the kids.

After the long day at the park, we headed home. I was told by Hannah that I was driving the cool car since I had the kids with me and all the loud music. My parents, Scott and my brother were in the boring car listening to Pappy's music. Even the kids are tired of listening to Piano by candle light and they haven't had near as much of it as us grown ups have. Rhonda gave that up for the ride home and hopped in my car. I don't think I ever told Hannah that the reason the music is so loud in my car is because I'm trying to drown out the noise of all the kids so she may not have realized it. My kids already know this and so just scream louder to be heard. But anyways, it was another fun day with the family and I enjoyed every bit of it.

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